Saturday, August 30, 2014

Quit With Hue Bad Self


______The past week or so has been absolutely surreal. I've been moving through the world like I've been voyaging on some kind of magical art school vacay, absorbing everything around me like an ever-expanding, ever-hungry, ever-spongey sponge. A sponge with legs. Or maybe a psuedofoot, like snails. My days consist of scribbling away in sketchbooks, hacking away at sheets of fabric, painting away in the studio, and ruminating upon art ideas via nighttime bike rides where I listen to David Bowie albums on repeat. Everything seems a little more certain this year, a little more intensely saturated, a little deeper and more apparent.

______I haven't had much time to properly blog due to taking more hours than I'm used to top of my part-time illustration job. I mean, I've totally been having to stick "eat lunch" on daily to-do lists. But you know, I feel like I'm living and breathing art so I can't complain, not at all!

______I know most of you have seen these photos, either via the Instagrams or the Facebooks, but to explain them, they're based a thought about how the palpability of light can transform a subject either through lending them some emotion or appear to put them through a literal transformation. I'm taking is a freelance Honors Photography class that I'm really excited about since I haven't lately been using my camera but for blog photos and documenting art. Here's to more creative thinking!

______And before you think, "Oh no, there could be a booby or a body part that half the human population has and knows about in there!" I must say 1) dude, chill, everyone has them nips and 2) I zoomed in everywhere. No nips for you. The free spirited nakedness does not bother me personally, but I do occasionally think about the wellbeing of others. Either way, let us embrace the body. It's been hard for me to do, as I'm sure you all know from my less-than-lovely history of eating problems, but you've gotta start somewhere.



Pearl in Fashion said...

Beautiful photos! :) Love the artistic way!

<3 visit me soon on

Sammi said...

So beautiful! <3

xox Sammi

Keith Marquis said...

gorgeous photos

caffinatedlove said...

I think this is 2014 and you should be able to post whatever you want on your damn blog because it's your blog. ;)

I don't mind nakedness in photos. It's just a body. Promoting shame about nakedness just promotes shame about our bodies, especially for women, and that' no good, man. We need to encourage women to be comfortable.

YES BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS is my end compliment. You have quite the eye.


Jess Fets said...

Beautiful photos! I took some photography classes back in college, but I just took landscapes! You got some good self confidence, and that's great! :) Art classes can certainly be draining, I know I spent hours hunched over my sketchbooks during college to the point that straightening my back felt like I was picking up the world on my shoulders!

Frannie Pantz said...

These photos are SO tastefully done. Gorgeous! Good for you!

Kristian said...

Gorgeous photography. Sounds like a great class.

LyddieGal said...

The light here is just so striking and dramatic! I can see why you felt compelled to take these photographs. And while there is nothing wrong with nudity in art, I would have to agree with keeping it PG13 for anything being posted on the internet.

Chic on the Cheap

Marlen said...

hahah "no nips for you". these are lovely! i especially like the ones that are black and white- the light coming out in slats created such pretty contrasts. and that's amazing you have illustration work- go you!! :D

xo marlen
Messages on a Napkin

Jacqueline Stewart said...

you look stunning and I love the lighting. x

mochaccinoland said...

these photos are so artistic & amazing!


Linda B said...

Oooooh, your artsiness knows no limits! I love seeing you play with photography now, and nice job with the lighting. These are quite mesmerizing and lovely. Tastefully done too - not to mention brave! Haha, I'm waaaay too self conscious still -_- Working on it though!

The Dragonfruit Diaries

Samantha said...

Oh, these photos are wonderful! You did a great job at playing with the light and your photos exude emotion. At first I was all "Ah, nakedness!" But that's just because I'm a bigger prude than my own grandmother! You are talented, missy, I say it all the time :)

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I'm so happy and proud of you Ali. You are a clear example of someone who follows her dreams and doesn't give up no matter what. I also love how you always keep walking ahead no matter what others may say, because you are so focused on what you want and what you love to do. I'm so so happy for you, keep up the amazing work!

Petite Yeoja said...

The photo is beautiful, Ali! And the light is perfect <3 You're so beautiful and I see your self confidence here, which is great! :)

Have a nice day!


Ivana Split said...

These images are beyond beautiful...emotional in a very subtle should be proud of yourself!

I do agree with everything you have written. The society has us feeling completely schizophrenic about bodies, turning them into an object of both shame and lust, always in a state of unbalance....

...but photographs like these ones are so full of grace, simplicity, reality...that they help bring some of the balance back. Nature is nature...and we all need to find that natural balance in ourselves.