Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Minty Fresh + For Elyse


______Hi friends!

______I know, I know. It's been a while and I can explain, but not before I present this darling mint maxi skirt from For Elyse that I've been scheming to build a plethora of outfits around. It can sit high or low (and wobble to the flo') or be folded up top to create the perfect length. It's also a stretchy wonder, which is fantastic 'cause then you're able to consume more than three grapes at dinnertime and still feel cozy in your attire without having that mental need to flex them abdominals inward whenever you get up to scuttle around.

______Yes, scuttle. We are all tiny crabs on beaches now.


______After seeing these pictures, I noted how dang prominent my butt is in comparison to the rest of my body. You think you look perfectly proportional in a mirror and then BOOM, after uploading pictures from camera to Picasa, you're faced with these full-body photos that relentlessly bop you on the head with their blatant truths. Pretty sure my butt could organically separate from my body and become its own radio personality. Pretty sure my butt was the real reason the Holy Roman Empire fell. Pretty sure my butt has its own center of gravity and soon will be orbiting small objects, like restaurant silverware and tubes of lost Chapstick. Pretty sure I saw the reflections of some grey-haired fellas in trucks doing double takes at the booty while mom and I took these pictures.

______Whatever goes.


______I haven't posted in a whole week and a half, aka nearly a gosh darn fortnight, and for that I apologize from the bottom of my (obviously tar black) heart. My parents, brother, and I moved a shark-ton of furniture and decorative things into my apartment over the weekend and it was a flabbergastingly busy time for all involved. My dad even drove home a creep-style van from work to carry everything to the apartment; we all sat cheerfully behind its wide front window with the windows rolled down and savored curious glances from onlookers. Truly a memorable experience.


Leopard top: Charlotte Russe (similar)
Mint maxi skirt: c/o For Elyse (exact here)
Earrings: c/o Rosewholesale
Various bracelets: probably Charming Charlie
Snake ring: Lulu*s (similar)
Hair: styled by momma


Sammi said...

Guuuurl I have butt envy. This skirt looks amaaaahzing on you, and I love the color!

xox Sammi

Frannie Pantz said...

I think you look great, but I have those moments all the time--like in my post today. I actually felt good while wearing the outfit . . . but then I saw pictures . . . and I was all whaaaaaaa??? I felt that I looked rather large. Oh well. This skirt is a fun minty color!

Lauren said...

I am totally in love with the mint maxi skirt and the leopard blouse. Like what an awesome combo. I think the skirt looks great on you! It all does!

Lauren xo
Sophisticated In Style

Rachel said...

Maybe it's all that biking...

I think we have similar body types, though I'm butt sticks out too but I tend to wear full skirts so no one would know...

Shirley said...

that skirt is soooo pretty! love the bright color and how you paired it with that leopard print(:

xx shirley

libys11 said...

really digging that skirt on you!! Love all your jewelry!!! so stylish!

Animated Confessions

Jacqueline Stewart said...

ohhh, I'm liking this outfit, the skirt looks lovely on you, and, you know, there is not one thing wrong with a butt. NO songs are sung about small butts! Keep that in mind ;) anyway, I am glad you got some cool stuff into your apartment and I knew exactly what kind of van you are talking about when you mentioned it - full creeper van :D

Lucie Srbová said...

That skirt is so pretty!!


Kristian said...

Um, first off, your bum looks fantastic in this. Fantastic. That skirt shows things off in a most flattering way, and the color is great. Love the daring patterns you mixed with it too.

Also, congrats on the move!

Lily Fang said...

Aliiiiii! Bahaha I always admire your quirky and polished writing style so much. Honestly, no one else can make item reviews so enthralling or joke so tastefully (and hilariously) about their butt.

You definitely rock that vibrant mint maxi skirt, girl! The details are on point with the subtly matching earrings and ring. Happy to hear the skirt's comfy too--comfy and cute is a definite yes for me!

Glad you're settled into your apartment now--I can only imagine how hectic it must be, especially since I'm feeling the stress of having to lug all my stuff 700 miles away. But this is your senior year, right?! Regardless of whether my calculations are right, I hope you have a rad and rockin year, and I know you will with your creative and vivacious spirit :)

Samantha said...

And she's back...! This puts a smile on my face :D (like so). You look simply stunning in this ensemble and that skirt is such a lively bright colour - I love it!

Katie Aman said...

Your makeup here is stunning! I absolutely love this dark lipstick with the freshness of the minty skirt. And your bum isn't disproportionately large at all! If you saw mine you'd be like, "Dang, there's North America on one cheek, and South America on the other!" Or...something like that.
Sorry about the skeevy guys though. I hate it when that happens.
I bet your apartment is looking so cute after all that moving! I bet it feels great to have some things in your space :)

E said...

Stunning. I love all the pops of turquoise in this outfit!

Keit said...

I love your bum! O_O So juicy! Who the hell wants a flat bum anyway! My ass is basically the same, the only difference is I usually wear bigger than my normal size clothes and look like a slouch.
Love this mermaid skirt! ^_^ And yay, you moved? Will we be seeing some awesome home decor photos? :D

Sam said...

Hi Ali, always good hearing from you, hope the moving went well. Your figure is amazing, the skirt fits you perfectly and accentuates your physique so well, you have a models form! Thanks so much for your great comment…have a wonderful weekend!

LyddieGal said...

There is a reason I try to avoid posting photos of my rear end, and that is because it is all anyone would be able to see. Its funny how blissfully unaware I can be of my butt until it shows up in an outfit photo and looks to be its own continent.

But --- you look great in this skirt all the same, and mint and leopard is a stellar combo.
Chic on the Cheap

Love Playing Dressup said...

ohh gosh.. u look absolutely stunning.
so pretty - just like u r gonna walk the red carpet now :)

Love Playing DressUp

Nami said...

Oh, you should be really proud (to the point of being haughty) that you have that butt! It came from a long line of cool butts. Your Mom, Nami, Great Grandma and Great Great Grandma (that's as far back in the family tree that I could climb.) all had/ have a similar shaped bum. All the men folk love a nice shaped butt. It's so much more sexy to have a butt, than having an inverted butt! So enjoy and show your booty whenever you can. You rock!

Linda B said...

Haha, girl, you look GOOD. This is why I love bodycon fit bottoms. Because they show off your bottom real nice.
Scuttling...I feel like I've actually been doing a lot of that lately. I was scuttling down a fallen tree just the other day and I think I pulled something. So apparently I'm a decrepit crab now.
Anywaaay, moving? Are you moving somewhere!?

The Dragonfruit Diaries

Imogen said...

Wow impressive. You look absolutely gorgeous in this skirt. It suits you really well. I love the mint colour and the patterns you have used in this look. I am always in love with the shoes every time you post them.

Indo Nirman said...

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Brittney said...

This maxi makes you look amazingly tall. And I'll trade you butts any day---looking good Miss new booty! ;)

Another Beautiful Thing

Olivia said...

Your post was so funny to read-you have quite the style of writing! And quite the style of fashion as well! I love how you paired the bright colored maxi with the animal print. That is a great combo. Anyway, still smiling over your post:)
xo Olivia


You look beautiful, I think the maxi skirt is a stunning colour. hey, why now show off happily with what you've been blessed with, in a good way, lol. Love your humour through it all though. :)
Fashion Tales

Sandra Leiva said...

Beautiful skirt and shoes <3


Kelsey Bang said...

love the red lips with the teal skirt! fantastic look!

Marlen said...

1. you have like a megan fox type of booty aka hot stuff

2. i appreciate your use of fortnight haha

3. ahhh yaaay for moving into apartments in creep vans!! how are you loving it so far?!

xo marlen
Messages on a Napkin

Jamie Rose D. said...

Ahaha your butt is the perfect size. At least you have one! I'm like pancake butt. You look so great in this skirt! Plus I really love your leopard print top.

Jamie |