Thursday, October 30, 2014

Enter: Calidus Fons Crustum

The Mutation of Calidus Fons CrustumAli18

_____I have realized for two plus weeks that I haven't blogged in two plus weeks. Every day, I woke up, and provocatively thought, "Ali! You puny fart! Go forth and blog. Make thyself a big, noticeable fart if you're gonna be a fart in the first place," yet every day I haven't been able to find a minute in my schedule to perform THE BLOGGING. In all caps. Because it's important.

_____I've been sacrificing sleep and whatever inconsequential amount of a social life I once had to the mighty art gods (their names are Tim and Tim-Tim, and they are animate representations of spaghetti and meatballs) but I have reaped rewards, so the sacrifices were necessary. I can stay sane as long as I eat healthy noms, get my daily bike ride in the morning, and hear positive words from professors on current projects. I've been more ambitious in what I'm doing and have been making my projects soar above and beyond what they used to, both conceptually and visually. I have willingly been researching my concepts in order to solidify them and it's been helping me immensely.

Ali17The Mutation of Calidus Fons CrustumThe Mutation of Calidus Fons CrustumThe Mutation of Calidus Fons CrustumThe Mutation of Calidus Fons Crustum

_____This installation is based on actual events: this summer, picture-taking drones dropped into hot springs and lakes in Yellowstone National Park, and thus officials have banned them from all national parks. I conceived a fictional narrative where the eventual pollution of one of these hot springs, specifically the Grand Prismatic, would cause a change in its temperature and acid concentration, thus causing the prokaryotic organisms that thrive within to adapt over time.

_____The previous organism, which currently does exist in the Grand Prismatic, would develop into these fictional donut-shaped microorganisms, which I have so properly named Calidus Fons Crustum. They have a thicker cell wall and produce more offspring that have the potential to live than they would've pre-evolution. Hypothetically.

_____Calidus Fons Crustum translates from Latin to "hot spring pastry." I still try to have fun, you nerds.

The Mutation of Calidus Fons CrustumThe Mutation of Calidus Fons CrustumThe Mutation of Calidus Fons Crustum

_____So my network here comprises of three elements: a satin fabric abstraction of the Grand Prismatic which dominates the central space, donuts borne from bubble wrap and panty hoes that swim out of said fabric and onto the walls, and diagrams that I rendered to resemble prints and field notes. Somehow I managed this in four weeks, but I must say I'm quite satisfied with this new language of fabrics and overall plumpness that I'm beginning to create for myself.

_____Hope you guys have a wonderful rest of your week! Thanks for sticking around like flys in a sticky trap even though my posts have been absolutely haphazard. I can't honestly say they'll get any better but donut worry too much about me. Ha. Hahaha. Hahhahh. Sigh.

The Mutation of Calidus Fons Crustum


Kristian said...

This is so cool!!! ( I do feel the need to point out though that it is "Yellowstone" not "Yellow Stone")

Linda B said...

ALI, YOU'RE BACK IN BLOGLAND!!! *dashes through meadows of flowers to embrace you in the hugest internet hug of all time*
Oh, and you of course made a grand artsy fartsy entrance.
Everytime you post an art post I feel inadequate, not gonna lie. You are an artist through and through girl, and I LOVE seeing your projects and knowing the amount of work you put into each piece. These transforming drones/donuts are magical, and I can't get over that curtain. It's entrancing, especially against such a blank background.
AWWW, and your comment on my last post made me smile so hugely. You know that kind of smile you get that makes your face ache? Yeah, it was one of those :D

The Dragonfruit Diaries

Sarah Rizaga said...

its definitely so cool!I love everything in it the colors are complementing.

Visit my blog:

Sarah Rizaga said...

its definitely so cool!I love everything in it the colors are complementing.

Visit my blog:

Ivana Split said...

your sacrifices to art gods have not been in vain...but aren't these gods so hard to please? they soak all the energy...still, art has its rewards...seeing something so unique, so special as this installation of yours literally makes my heart warm up.

I'm absolutely fascinated by how playful it unorthodox...and how you managed to mix art, biology, chemistry and just a touch of drama...

LyddieGal said...

I love your grand installation pieces and your endless creativity - the color and impact of this piece are just amazing.

I'm always happy when you take a little time to do THE BLOGGING. Love seeing your projects and getting updates!
Chic on the Cheap

Jodie said...

This looks fantastic- how did you achieve all if this in 4 weeks!!! It looks like something that would have taken months if bit years- you're field bites are beyond cool :)

jess said...

Welcome back to blogging. It's great to see your donuts come to life. They look really cool.

Olivia Monopoli said...

Hey hey! Don't worry about blogging and focus on your busy life. It's totally fine. Hahah this reminds me of last year when I was struggling to finish for my art show. It was awful but the final presentation was so worth it! Good luck :)
Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

peach said...

I like your blog :)

Midwest Muse said...

You're so cool!

Joyce Chen said...

THIS IS SO COOL. I love the concept of the evolving drone donuts.

E said...

I love that you're sharing more of your work! I need to re-read this post when I'm not so tired to fully understand the references, but to the truly untrained eye, I really like what I'm seeing! Share more!!

Tallia said...

This is intense!

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Hoda Katebi said...

Oh my gosh. I already loved your art, but the fact that you combine it with social justice/commentary on environmental issues is really amazing. You are so fantastic! Also, properly titled ;D

<(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad

Rakel said...

lovely post!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I'm so glad to hear that you have been investing so much time in what you love: art!!! You are truly so so talented Ali, the more I see of your creations, the more I am convinced of that. Congratulations :)