Saturday, October 4, 2014

Ow, My Bodily Insides

Hot Pink Paint Was on Sale
Florescent Pink Paint Was On Sale That Day
oils on masonite, September 2014

______As I typed this, I was voraciously consuming grilled chicken and lettuce in one of our campus's dining halls and simultaneously spilling meaty juices on my keyboard. Which was gross, but I've fully assimilated all elements of grossness and busyness into my jam-packed life this semester, and the proof of that is present in my surroundings: sketches and sketchbooks lay scattered across my bedroom floor like the carcasses of small rodents, my oversized painting shirt has officially stiffened and transformed from white to a hauntingly prismatic display of grey and yellow, and my backpack is stuffed with ziploc bags from hauling grapes and carrots and whatever else is portable-slash-edible to campus.

Hot Pink Paint Was on SaleHot Pink Paint Was on SaleHot Pink Paint Was on Sale

______Oh. So art. Here is my first painting of the semester on a 4-foot by 4-foot masonite panel. It's very pink and its title a very true story--hot pink paint was indeed on sale that day. It's also sort of always on sale since it's so bright and belligerent to the eyes. I believe that the addition of florescent pink blinded my professor, but sometimes you've just gotta push those limits and risk your professor's eyesight. He said that as it's been sitting in the back of the painting studio, he's grown to appreciate it a little more whenever he walks into the room. Excellent.

______I have much much more to show you in the future, but my goodness, I have been busier than a colony of ants after a stick of butter. Do ants favor butter? We're going to pretend they do, strictly for the metaphor. I've been more ambitious for many reasons this semester: lusting after a fellowship for which I was nominated, wanting to participate again in the end-of-the-year BFA exhibition, preparing my own solo exhibition, wanting to use my final year of undergrad studies to its fullest so I can evolve into an even better artist, and finally, desiring sweet, sweet revenge on the strange, chirping squirrels in the quad...

______Well, that last one didn't quite fit. But I still do want that revenge. Those chirping squirrels that sit in trees and mimic bird cries have gotta go down.

______Carry on, my buttery little ants.

oils on masonite, October 2014



Ivana Split said...

The colours on this painting are phenomenal...really hypnotizing...yet fluorescent wouldn't be my first choice to describe it...It is certainly unconventional colour but so perfect on this canvas and it is hard for me to guess how exactly it looked as a paint on sale...and probably there is no need to know that.

Sometimes limitation can be very liberating, limiting yourself on few colours and getting the most of them...being limited by time and feeling it somehow frees your imagination in ways you didn't think possible.

I love how you blended in that crazy red, colours and shades moving like waves- really impressive!

Somehow this painting matches well your description of hectic time you're having right now:)

Absolutely fabulous work, my dear!

Jo said...

I see it as crimson red on my post and I think of intestines and the insides. Eeew... And I;m sure you meant to create that effect? Ok maybe not. I'm glad that your professor is beginning to appreciate the fluorescent pink swirls and blends. Talents will not go unnoticed!

Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

caffinatedlove said...

These colors almost have a pulse to them, a life force that seems to make them more. It's very stunning, and your choice of colors in commendable. It really does look like something you would find in a body! :D


Linda B said...

Dude. I can see it moving through my laptop screen. I wish I could see this painting in person!
You're just so talented Ali, and combined with a hard work ethic, it's a killer combination. Keep it up girly, and one day, revenge shall be yours ;)

The Dragonfruit Diaries

Keit said...

This looks like something I would use to explain how menstruation works... :D You know, because it's red and all.. :D
Haha, dripping food down the keyboard is my specialty :D Once I ate pasta with sugar and accidentally poured the whole sauce on the keyboard, keys got stuck and it's still sticky to this day!
I bet you're super hot when you're eating, the combination of a pretty girl and tasty food is always a win!

LyddieGal said...

So happy to hear things are going really well and you are busy, because really, it's far better to be busy than bored.

I wish the crazy brightness of the pink was more clear through the interwebs, but I can just imagine the retina scarring level of pink you are describing.

Chic on the Cheap

Jacqueline Stewart said...

Yes! This fluorescent masterpiece is truly great and I'm glad your professor warmed to it. You sound uber mega mega busy, keep at it, you are amazing! And yeah, course ants like butter! x

Jacqueline Stewart said...

Yes! This fluorescent masterpiece is truly great and I'm glad your professor warmed to it. You sound uber mega mega busy, keep at it, you are amazing! And yeah, course ants like butter! x

Hoda Katebi said...

Wow these pieces are so unique--I especially love the last one--definitely worth sacrificing your professor's eyesight! I am really glad you are posting high-quality photos of your art--I so enjoy it! (as much as your hilarious writing style!) xx

<(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad

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These artful pieces amazing, and I'm glad to here that you are keeping at it and staying quite busy. I love your practical and hilarious approach to art and life. Wishing you a wonderful October!
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