Saturday, December 27, 2014

Interior Me

Interior Me
Interior Me
satin fabric, mulsin, panty hose, saran wrap, piping, paracord, ribbon
Drawing Concepts, December 2014

______I keep forgetting that I, Ali the ultra dweeb, am a blogger and must formulate a post every week. It slips my mind like a child slips on a slip n' slide, or rather an adult slips on a slip n' slide, because we all know those are hella fun and not just for tiny humans. Bad metaphors aside, this here was my final drawing project for the semester; it's definitely the most fulfilling thing I've produced conceptually and physically. It's a fabric-based installation piece made of multiple, modular units and various textiles and materials, plus some panty hoes and saran wrap. There was much cutting, gluing, pressing, and tying of fabrics, and I've discovered that I work better in tiny parts like this opposed to one giant overall piece. I mean, it is fairly large (see human for size reference below), but I was able to work in sections that broke down into even smaller sections so the creation of it was more digestible.

______There are 12 separate pieces to this (those flaps falling to the ground count for five) that separate. Having things in pieces that fold up easily makes it much more portable, too! Like a sandwich, or a dead bird you can shove into your pocket when you find it on the side of the road whilst biking.

______Am I the only one who does that?

Interior Me
Interior MeInterior MeInterior Me

______The imagery is based on the body, and though I could get more specific on what its about, I'm more interested in hearing what you guys see or think about it. I'm pretty pumped about this new direction I'm going in, and my professor said the same and that he would readily do what he could to help me get into an excellent grad school program in the future. So that's exciting! I should probably learn how to sew better though. I think that would help to work with fabric and all.

______I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and snacked on a many delicious thing. Eat, drink, and make yourselves sick on chocolate-covered everythings, my delightful little friends!

Interior MeInterior Me


Rachel said...

Are you a senior? Sorry, I don't think I ever knew how close or far you are from graduating. I can imagine a piece like that would require lots of sewing...lots of attention to detail...I so do not have the personality of an artist....I'll stick to fashion and words. :)

Dominika said...

Wow, that's incredible- you're such a talented girl! I would never be able to produce a thing like that, even if my life depended on it.

Jacqueline Stewart said...

my goodness Ali, I know I say this all the time, but this is my favourite, and I can see a couple of body parts lurking around in there - intestines. :) ?
This is so fabulous, love the melting effect too of using the wall and floor! :D

caffinatedlove said...

I love how this piece has both stagnation and movement, and also how I can see random organ everywhere! It's very breathtaking -- I can't wait to see where you go once you are able to get into that grad school! Damn, girl. :D


Lily Fang said...

Hello hello, dear Ali! You are absolutely the sweetest--your comment really made me smile. Thank you for the encouragement and for telling me about your college transition!

As for this post, I'm absolutely entranced by your new art. I really love the regal touch of the satin and your color schemes are on point--I especially liked the vibrant red, yellow, and blue from one of your earlier projects. This one though is particularly intricate and intriguing--I see ribs at the top, and perhaps veins at the bottom with blood cells. I really admire how well you combine science with art--many of your projects seem to have a biology component.

Speaking of which, the Ionicus project was one of my favorites. The description was enthralling and your metaphor about Calc II was on point haha. I absolutely love your witty humor--the line about picking up sandwiches and birds while biking in this post made me laugh.

As for some of your other previous posts I particularly resonated with, I'm in love with your oxford-style boots. What a versatile piece! I also found that photography set centered around the body particularly moving because of your personal story behind it. Furthermore, I think that we as a society need to be more comfortable with the body in general. So props to you! Finally, I'm also so jealous you got to jump off a cliff into the water. What an exhilirating experience and beautiful story.

Wishing you the best as you prepare for grad school! You'll kill those apps, girl :) Hoping your holidays have been wonderful thus far. Happy happy new year!

Jen Hsieh said...

I'm in love with the way you played with the different fabric textures and how you just have to turn your head to wrap your mind around the overall piece. This is my favorite of your artwork that you've shared over the years. Insert a heart eye emoji right here, plz. <3

Joyce Chen said...

This is so cool, I love all the small parts of it. And ahh so exciting about grad school :)

There's so much movement in your artwork! It reminds of all the chemical processes going on in all of our bodies at a given time and how our bodies are making changes at a small, molecular level.

Linda B said...

Dude, if I was there, I could spend quite some time just staring at this. It's so absorbing! I don't fully grasp what I'm even looking at, but I like it! My brain recognizes the ribs at the top (er, that's what it is, right?), but then I start thinking of bodily functions and my eyes travel to the right and flow down to what I can only think of as the defecation spewing out onto the floor...mixed with red I'm thinking it's a female? xD


Anyway. Yes, I would spend forever looking at this. I like it! NO! I LOVE it! :D

And that's so awesome that your professor would help you get into a grad school. You definitely deserve to go to one with talent such as yours. *bows down to queen Ali and her awesome talent*

Hehe, anyway, sounds like you had a lovely Christmas (too many cookies? What is this? Is there such a thing as TOO MUCH cookies??).

Cheers to a happy new year as well!

The Dragonfruit Diaries

Keit said...

I totally would pick up dead animals in my front basket, if I wasn't so emotional on the subject of cute dead animals :-D
Hmmmmm, what I see here are ribs and stomach? And....have no idea....I'm no art critic, but I love the abstract concept here, and the colors! Can't quite see where the panty hose are, which is bummer :-D
Love to read your posts you dork! Don't ever leave the blogsphere ^_^

LyddieGal said...

You've been making some really stellar pieces! I love the different textures together and the size of the piece makes such an impact.
Chic on the Cheap

Kristian said...

I really enjoy seeing these large installations you work on. For me, when you say it was inspired by the boy, I thought of blood cells. Very microbiotic.

Jo said...

Hello Ali, it has been a while and I feel like I've been away from blogosphere (visiting blogs that is) for a loooooong time. I'm so glad that we are acquainted on FB and IG so it doesn't feel like quite a long time with you.

Oh gosh, your art looks like it would belong in a museum under modern art and people would just stare and wonder what it is. As for me, I love being presumptuous and analyze an art in my own way, thinking I'm really smart after that. I see stomach and intestines and this is exactly the chronic illness I'm suffering from now. Gastrointestinal! Hahahaha... Ok maybe I'm wrong but that's what I interpret. I think you did a good work in sewing. I wouldn't have been able to sew like you did.

And right now, I'm gonna spend some time catching up on all your posts.

Happy new year and hope 2015 is a shining year for you!

Jo's Jumbled Jardinière