Thursday, June 18, 2015

(Not) Clueless


______"Hey, Ali. Hot Topic called. They want their stuff back!"

______Yeah, yeah: I look like a middler schooler who had ten minutes to put together an outfit using items only sold in Hot Topic. In the 90s. In the dark. Wearing a blindfold with the knowledge that my dog was being held hostage in a foreign country. A foreign country whose population favored cats over dogs. Where dogs received less pets than cats. Less. Pets. Than. Cats.

______I know. The horror.

______...I was that middle schooler, though. I remember the days of pink and black striped tube socks, converses with apathetic AFI lyrics scrawled in Sharpie on the rubber parts, and neon jelly bracelets stacked up my wrists. I also had like zero friends at that time and watched a lot of Inuyasha. Those were dark, dark days, ones which were recorded in too many embarrassing diary entries, but going through these faux-punk-rock phases are what makes us who we are in the now.


______Now that I'm all graduated, if anyone has tips on functioning as a REAL LIVE ADULT (all caps necessary), I'd love them. From what I hear, it's all about pretending to know what you're doing, pontificating with friends about interior decorating over wine and cheese from time to time, and buying off-brand everything. Oh! And baking cookies for neighbors if you have new neighbors. You've gotta be polite, right? I can incorporate all those things into my new adult life, plus I can start carrying a monocle and whipping it out while saying "quite, quite / very indeed so / lovely, really / biscuits and tax exemptions" when I need to converse with another so-called adult.

______I do hope you're all having a fabulous end of the week, and forgive me for my awkwardly spaced, awkwardly written posts as I get back into the swing of blogging. I'll have plenty of stories and the like to tell as I remember how to ride this rodeo. Yee haw and stuff, dudes! Have a good weekend!


Skirt: beat up a scotsman and stole it (along with his lunch money) (similar)
Socks: ASOS (similar)
Choker: Nasty Gal
Oxfords: Jeffrey Campbell


Sarah Albertson said...

Ahh, I remember that phase! I just couldn't get enough plaid skirts and jelly bracelets. But I'd say you're pulling this look off quite well, and oh my gosh, I am loving those shoes!

Lily Fang said...

Ah, I too consider middle school as my dark days. I was so intent on fitting in that I was really nasty to one of my close friends and I also suffered some unkind treatment from my so-called friends. Oddly enough though, I shunned the ever-so-popular Hollister and Abercrombie tees (probably because I thought it was silly to pay to advertise for a company). Instead, I gravitated towards striped leggings with shorts on top, wild color and patterns, excessive layering. Haha those were the days.

I think this look is more sophisticated than the outfits from the bygone era though haha. Those shiny oxfords as so classy, and the back of that top is so edgy.

Wishing you the best in this new phase of life, girl!

imperfect idealist

Frannie Pantz said...

I was a weird person. I loved middle school and hated high school. I do, however, love this outfit because I did shop A LOT at Hot Topic. And I wish I could give you adult tips, but I am 33 with 4 kids and a career and have no clue what I am doing 99% of the time. You'll get it though!

angelina said...

I love how you write, it's so entertaining and relatable! Graduating is such a huge milestone, I hope you have lots of adventures and fun with it!

Angelina Is

Jamie Rose D. said...

Ahaha yes middle school was truly an interesting time and I remember the faux punk rock days too. Good times...sort of.
Also I'm pretty sure adulting is just pretending to know what you're doing most of the time. I'm trying to figure it out and it's hard.

Annnnd you look awesome here! I love the plaid skirt and your knee socks.

Jamie |

Jo said...

I haven't noticed that the back of the top is so ooh la la when I saw it on FB. I love the school girl vibe to it and now that I see the back, it reminds me of SM... hohoho... Congrats on officially transforming into an adult. Hmm... from how I know it, I behaved almost the same way before and after graduation.

Hey Ali, Thank you for your sweet words. Hahaha... You're a student so of course you prepare your own food and live on a budget. When I was a student, I scrimped and saved so much on food and avoided going out for gatherings just to save money too. =)

Anat Koren said...

This is truly amazing… great sense of style! Have a lovely day <3!

mochaccinoland said...
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mochaccinoland said...

look so innocent on the front & va-va-voom at the back! cheeky & cute!!!


The Dragonfruit said...

OMG, reading about AFI, Inuyasha, jelly bracelets...are you sure you're not just me? Seriously giving me middle school flashbacks girl. My mom has a drawing I did of Inuyasha and Kagome somewhere, because I'd only draw characters from that show ALL THE EFFING TIME.
Yeah, those were dark, lonely days. But anime, man. Anime was my friend xD Probably explains a lot actually...
Anyway, welcome to blogland Ali! Haha, we will always welcome you with open arms and big hugs :D
Also, I dig the Hot Topic look. Especially that top!

The Dragonfruit Diaries
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LyddieGal said...

Oh that poor scottsman, and your poor dog.
I'm glad that you have put those strange high school years behind you (emotionally, anyway) and are forging into adulthood. Not that I can offer any advice. I have no idea how to be an adult, maybe I'll figure it out one day.
Chic on the Cheap

jess said...

I have no clue how to be an adult. I really like the back of that top.

Midwest Muse said...

This outfit is PERFECT. I am obsessed.

Keit said...

Don't get me started on middle school! I can go on and on and on! I had this kewl vest thing grandma knitted for me, which I am certain kept all the boys away like silver banishes vampires! Also was a very sad goth child, not the cool kind of goth, just sad and weird :D
I loveeeeee this outfit, maaaaaan, especially the second photo.......totally turned on by it, and I'm hetero mind you!
Also, being an adult is easy, just pretend you know what you are doing. I usually run away from my neighbours and hiss at them, the boyfriend is the one who is friendly, everybody love him.

Francesca said...

Oh my gosh, middle school is the worst in the whole world. I had so many embarassing phases and my style was awful but oh well, everyone has to go through it. If I dressed like that in middle school though, I would have actually looked cute! I love that skirt and the whole Clueless vibe, which is a great movie. Also, love what you said about becoming an adult because that is too true. I think just be yourself and don't worry about those things just yet! It's Francesca from vintagelillies, and I have started a new blog if you want to check it out!


Maud said...

good post! thanks sharing!

Laura Jones said...

you look lovely, especially liking that skirt! and i'd be happy to take some adulting tips as well, haha! xx

Imaginary Confetti Club said...

First of all, I think you looks sassy and cute. Second, we would have been best friends in middle school because I was all about the jelly bands, converse, and band tees. Sailor Moon was more of my thing though.

Ivana Split said...

I love your interpretation of the school girl uniform...that tartan skirt is totally cute!

...and ahhh if the 90ties could, they kind of seem to talk lately, right? or is it just an echo?

Kristian said...

It was Rouroni Kenshin and not Inuyasha for me but... yeah. I think that's middle school for most! Shopping at Hot Topic and trying to figure out who you are. I like the outfit though. It is very you (I associate you with plaid, I guess?)

Re adult life: I think it is much more like student life than you think except you are trying to find a job (and then go to the job) and things begin to sort itself out. There are still bills and neighbors you can make cookies for and all that too :D