Saturday, January 2, 2010

Road Work Ahead

I've renamed my blog from "The Nordic Lobster" to "The Drawing Mannequin," because that makes a lot more sense seeing what's in here! I made a new layout, too, and added some more color and made a new header. It took me forever to take the right picture of my mannequin! I haven't been posting many outfits lately since I want to wait until school starts up again (on Tuesday) to wear all of my new clothes.

Here are some artsies that are works in progress. The first was a quickie, and the second was our timed art exam on, in latent terms, screwing with perspective. There's more, but most of them are at school. As much as this sounds like a paid spokesperson on an advertisement, I have missed school~ it seems to keep me busy and on schedule!

Oh! And I almost forget! My New Year's resolutions are to..
  • bring my camera with me everywhere I go
  • do one of the following every day: either take a picture, post an outfit, or draw a picture
  • determine what my art concentrations will focus on/work on style
  • write my novel a little bit each day, even if it's just a sentence


Camilla said...

Love your style xxx

Saffy said...

Aw, thank you! <3

Jackson said...

Ali, my young at heart, yet mature niece is so brilliantly talented that, oddly, I wonder how she is related to us all?!

I just hope she remembers how much she loves her aunty when she is making the big bucks and this person here is standing and staring at he masterpiece thinking... "Hmmm? I wonder what this is supposed to be?" (I might be the blonde when it comes to art!) Keep up the priceless work! LOVE YOU

Ali said...

Aunty Wendy! Thank you so muchh, awww!! <3

Diana Ward said...