Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Something Old, Something New

Today's picture: old shoes! I love the lighting from the pale basement light and the imperfections of the shoes. There's a charm that comes along with decrepit, worn-out, and dirt-covered shoes, or anything other old things for that matter!

Today was fun. For history, we arranged ourselves in the letters of the alphabet on the floor. We also made as many words as we could out of alphabet cereal, and I made the most! I made the most random words, like flax and boa, but it all worked out. Then, in chemistry, we blew up things. My friend had a stick with a balloon on the end that was filled with a special gas, and I stood opposite of her with a lit candle on the end of my stick. The flame touched the balloon and it exploded! A rush of heat came toward our faces, a loud cracking pop soared across the entire classroom, and a glowing flash of orange appeared like a star burst in front of us. It was like a trip to kindergarten all over again!... except for the fact that you usually don't blow things up in kindergarten. Usually.

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