Sunday, January 10, 2010

This Little Light of Mine

I wrote "NO" on my hand so if anyone would ask a question and my answer would be so, I could hold my hand up and be dramatic. And because you should say no to drugs. Then I ended up finding tgus little flame light and played around with it in the darkness of my bathroom while sitting in my sink and came up with this picture. It isn't really much since I just wanted to post something today.

I've mainly been looking for some under $50.00 knockoffs of those Givenchy corset shoes, and I found some at F21! So happy! I'm also currently admiring these beauts in the nude color-- so pretty, but so expensive. I don't know what's come over me, because I've never felt the urge to marry something inanimate so strongly before. Shoe crushes yes, but these I want to kiss and say "I do" here and now. Where's my rabbi? I'd wear them all the time since they're summery alone and could be wintry with tights. Maybe sometime soon I'll lose a tooth and get a very generous gift from the tooth fairy, yes, that shall do.


Jen said...

haha i did that once, i just wrote no on my hand and held it up no matter what the question was :P i love that picture though, it's pretty awesome.
congrats on finding f21 knockoffs :D

Jess said...

oh i love the free peoples nude shoes! great photo :D glad you got your givenchy knockoffs haha i know they had something similar at aldo as well