Friday, May 17, 2013

Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout6

______I can't tell you how many times I go out in these darling little Jeffrey Campbell oxfords and get called out by people telling me how cute they are.  If I ever die, it's not going to be because I went down the wrong creepy alleyway at the wrong time; it's going to be because some zealous literature fanatic wants my oxfords to be the final addition to her Gatsby shrine.

______Speaking of, have any of you seen The Great Gatsby yet?  I was rather impressed by Leonardo DiCaprio's acting (and timeless good looks), the striking wardrobe choices, and the set design.  It was visually pleasing, fer sure.  The Valley of the Ashes was exactly on par with how I visualized it in the book--a soot-covered wasteland with that all-seeing, ominous T.J. Eckleberg sign looming in the distance.  At first, the music was a little odd to me, but I suppose it parallels with the chaos and confusion that the roaring 1920s realm presented, the chaos kindled by alcohol and social statuses and the impossibility of reaching the American Dream.  I'll stop trying to sound like I know what I'm talking about, because I totally don't, and spare you a review.

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______Now that it's finally beginning to feel like summer, I've been able to do things I'm not usually able to do during college, such as reading for fun--and man, I totally forgot how splendid it is to read something of your own accord.  However, I've been guilty of reaching for a pen and noting repeating elements and themes, along with underlining quotes that reverberate with me.  My mom suggested I read an urban fantasy series by Karen Marie Moning (beginning with Darkfever), and I tore through the first two books of the series in just two days.  I'm trying to savor them now.  Trying.

______My favorite places to read have to be the papasan chair in my room, where I snuggle into my fur blanket like a royal burrito, or the swinging chairs outside, where the light sifts so whimsically through splotches of tree leaves.  Read.  Sip tea.  Pee occasionally.  Change reading positions.  Repeat.  It's a good cycle.

______My mom is probably going to get at me for typing the word "pee" on the Internet.  And for learning that I've been scribbling in her novels.

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______Oh, and hey, the most darling lady Katherine (from Of Corgis and Cocktails) featured me as her May style icon, so if you wanna learn more about how much of a dweeb I am, head on over!

Lace top: Charlotte Russe
Skirt: via Modcloth
Socks: Target
Oxford heels: Jeffrey Campbell
Necklace: vintage
Earrings: Lotus Botique


Naomi said...

Omg shoes! Lol! Katherine's post about you led me here! Following you~

The Occasional Indulgence

Catherine said...

Look at how cute you are!! I LOVE those shoes with the socks - very sock up! And that skirt is twirl-worthy. Adorable!

GoldenGirls said...

You look absolutely STUNNING! I am in LOVE with that top! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls

Ginny said...

Love the mix of lace and print! I'm really looking forward to seeing the Great Gatsby, and I'm with you on reading for joy instead of because you have too, it's much more fun then some of the classics I was required to read in college English classes.

Courtney Erin said...

That skirt is beyond awesome - and the Oxfords? Wow!

Courtney ~

Marlen said...

Hahah a royal burrito, love that image. And not gonna lie, I'd totally mug you for those shoes, too. So you out. Haha I especially LOVE how you paired them with the red socks, that was such a fun, unexpected pop! And i LOVED The Great Gatsby, my eyes were just constantly wowed through out the whole ordeal. I loved how everything has a certain sparkle to it, and I especially liked when you saw the words of the manuscript kind of dancing across the screen. And I think the soundtrack definitely made it stand out just because it was so strikingly different from that era. That and it gave me something new to listen to on my i tunes haha.

xo Marlen
Messages on a Napkin

chocolatefashioncoffee said...

just love the skirt :)


LyddieGal said...

Hehehe. I'm sure she'll forgive you.

Glad your oxfords are getting tons of fabulous attention, and i'm glad Gatsby was everything you'd hoped it would be.
Chic on the Cheap

Jodie said...

You look great ilk have to admit admit if troubles your shoes unguarded bear me I'll be trying them on
I haven't seen the great Gatsby yet but only because i still haven't finished the book

LaraBeTheOne said...

amazing skirt!

lucia m said...




JULIETTE said...

Those shoes are really nice!


Linda Greaves said...

You crack me up so much Ali! Haha, oh man, where do I begin?
So yes, I may not have a Gatsby shrine, but it's quite possible an illiterate fool such as I would still consider mugging you in an alley for these adorable little oxfords. Too cute!
The Great Gatsby is definitely on my to-watch list. It looks so good! Plus, its got Spiderman in it. AND good ole Leo.
Oh, and your description of reading? Yup, that's me. I felt so sad while reading that bit though, because it reminded me of how far I've gotten from my bookworm ways. I haven't read a book like that in ages! I used to ALL the time (for Pete's sake, the librarians still know me by name whenever I bump into them out in public). I need to pay the library a visit. Sadly, I can't scribble in those books, otherwise I would.
I checked out this novel you mentioned, and it sounds right up my alley of fiction I'd enjoy! You have good taste Miss Ali :)

Trendy Teal

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Your shoes are indeed AWESOME!! I love how you paired them with the bold red socks. I don't think I would be fearless enough to wear them like that, but you look so good in them!!!

I'm so glad to hear you now have time to read just for fun, how awesome!! Its been SO long since I take some time to read the big pile of books I want to read. I always get caught up with my blog and all of that. Anywhoo, glad you are enjoying yourself!

Alia said...

I really like your blog :) I followed you on bloglovin

Maria João Silva said...

Your skirt is perfect! :D

xx MJ

Ashley said...

Oh man...those shoes are ridiculously Gatsby-esque andddd I'm obsessed. Girl, you better be careful...I definitely sense you will have some shoe snatchers after your snazzy footwear.
I love this fun skirt and collard shirt you paired with them! I just realized that I have a pretty similar top that I have never worn. Thank you for reminding me!
I just read Gatsby for the first time last week and loved it. I can't believe it has taken me this long! Seeing the movie tomorrow (hopefully) and all I've heard are good things. I'm so excited!
Reading is my favorite thing ever...especially in the summertime when I have less to worry about. This has become less of an issue as I'm no longer in school, but teaching makes me so tired so now I just worry about trying to stay awake while reading.
Currently reading A Game of Thrones and watching the first season, and it has quickly become my latest obsession. Gahhhh, so good!!!

xo Ashley

Angel said...

That skirt is awesome!

Keit said...

Oh man, Leo is one hot cookie. He gets hotter with ever year, damn men's ability to look sexy when they're older!!!!

Awesome outfit, the socks with the oxfords are pure gold decision, it looks amazing! ^_^

Ann said...

Your outfit is super lovely.
And your shoes are to die for.

Mollie said...

Pairing those red socks with that skirt was a fantastic choice! And the shoes! I just can't get over this outfit, haha.

andzia said...

Amazing skirt:)

Joyce said...

That skirt has such a fun print and I love how you brought out the red with the socks! The top is also so pretty :) And of course, ahhhh those shoes. I will never get tired of looking at them!

HAHAHA a royal burrito, that sounds like tons of fun:) And same here, I always have to try really hard to not go through a book so fast so that I can savor it. And I used to put my books in order of interesting-ness so that I can save the best sounding book for last haha.

Gail J said...

such a cute outfit!

Imogen said...

Wow your skirt is amazing, I love how unique the print and colours are. I adore the pretty top with the lace and sweet collar. I love how you added those shoes and socks, what a fabulous idea, looks amazing. I am seeing Great Gatsby next week. It is not out here yet.

Annie said...

Such a fun look - love those shoes!

The Other Side of Gray

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

:D I LOVE THIS! And I wanna see the great Gatsby soooo bad! so so so bad. And these shoes! I've been trying to find a kind of similar pair lately I love them on you so much

Jessi said...

Congrats on the feature! I love Katherine :) I also love that your cycle includes peeing occasionally :) awesome! Haha. I want to see Great Gatsby so bad! It looks so visually pleasing just in the previews! I'm excited for the 20's fashion! Lol. These shoes are seriously perfect, I don't blame you for being obsessed.
I'm hosting a Summer Style Link-up on my blog today if you wanna join in!

Jenn said...

I loveee the shoes and socks pairing! It adds such a nice retro feel to the whole look.

chīsana blogger

The Egg said...


xo the egg out west.

Closet Fashionista said...

I love that skirt! and those shoes are definitely great! I sadly haven't seen Gatsby yet

floating thru fields said...

Love the shoes super cute, I really loved the costumes in great gatsby too :)

mochaccinoland said...

pretty look! that skirt is so cute and goes well with your red socks. haven't watched the great gatsby yet as english movies take forever to screen in hk. what a bummer :(


Alyssa Molin-Graves said...

Ali, your posts are always so much fun to read. You have such a knack for writing :D Love this outfit, you look fabulous (as always) I hope you are having a wonderful week!

~Alyssa xo

Anonymous said...

Fabulous outfit! Just perfect!

Win a pair of sunglasses:

inês silva said...

You look so pretty! Great photos! Would you like to follow each other via GFC, bloglovin' and facebook?


MyCrushCouture said...

Love the printed skirt and the shoes. Very mod look and stylish! I haven't seen the great gasby I've heard good things but my sister said its based off of he book and she doesn't like that they remade it I guess. So Im kind of in between but I do need to form my own opinion so I just may go to see it

Jamie Rose said...

I'm doing the exact same thing this summer! I've been really loving reading things because I want to read them instead of the usual forcing horrible textbooks into my brain.
I love love your skirt here and wish I had one just like it because it's awesome. Leopard print AND fun colors is the best. Those shoes really are awesome too. I can definitely see why you get so many compliments on them. They're adorable!