Thursday, May 30, 2013

Watermelon + DresseStylist Review


______I'm bringing you guys yet another fabulous and fanciful frock courtesy of DresseStylist--and my gosh, is it lovely as ever!  This dress fits perfectly in the waist so it can support what barely-there-boobies I have, and it stays up no matter how much I jump up and down and all around.  I love it when a dress is snug enough that it stays up on it's own, but isn't constraining to the point where it affects the way you breathe or how much you can eat.

______Thankfully, my breathing isn't inhibited in this dress and I'm able to devour more than one pea without exploding out of it.  I tested the hypothesis myself, and I can eat up to a grand total of four and a half peas.


______The quality is super duper nice, and I especially adore how the interior is lined in silk and how the skirt is so full and twirly.  Something about wearing a dress that ebbs and flows so smoothly when you move sure puts some regal swag in your step, doesn't it?  And man, this dress is full of regal swag.  So much swishing and flipping!

______The coral color is perfect as we transition into warmer weather, and the chiffon is so breezy and ethereal and makes me feel like a gossamer jellyfish undulating on the tides of life.  I'm usually not one to paint myself pretty in pastels, so I'm really liking how this shade of coral-pink is nearly neon.  The color is reminiscent of watermelon, though this dress is not nearly as edible as one.  I don't think most dresses are edible, though.  Not in my part of town.  Strip clubs... now that's a whole different topic.


______I hope you guys are having a rad-tastical end of the week.  I know I am because my dearest dad is finally home after a lengthy two-week trip up north.  He drove a hearty thirty hours from Alabama to North Dakota to see his father before he passed away at the ripe age of 81.  I'm just rather relieved that he's coping well over his father's death, and even more glad that he's finally back home.  Now that my dad has returned, the manliness radiating from his mighty mustache will hopefully scare away any those monsters and bugs that decided they could settle in the dark crevices of our home while he was away.

Dress: c/o DresseStylist (like them on Facebook)
Heels: Jeffery Campbell
Necklace: via Nordstrom Rack
Earrings: Charming Charlie
Hair: styled by my wonderful mommma


Chelsea Elizabeth said...

I'm swooning! That dress is such a perfect length, style and color! Those kinds of dresses that make you feel slightly regal are my favorite. Haha. You look so beautiful in it, I love how cute your hair looks too!

Katie Aman said...

Ooooh, what a beautiful full skirt! I can see that it would be super fun to walk and twirl in :)
I really love the color of it too-that watermelon pink is divine. And such lovely earrings! How simple and stunning.
Boy, those 4 and a half peas sound like a great meal ;) hahaha

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

you look so pretty in this color! The dress fits you perfectly!

Jacqueline said...

soooo lovely. the color suits you perfectly!

Frannie Pantz said...

LOL You crack me up girl! I can totally relate to your chest comment! But you look absolutely stunning--for real!

Sharde said...

these heels are so not what i think of "typical" jeffrey campbells. i really do love these heels though! need me a pair for sure. :) i loled at this post and im now following you!
sharde @ the style projects

Keit said...

It's a loooovely dress! And more importantly it's not as demanding and as official as most of their dresses and you can wear it to more places ^_^

Linda Greaves said...

Regal swag...YES. I cannot think of a more appropriate term. I can practically feel the swishiness this dress envokes. So fun to twirl in I bet! :)
You look so lovely as always Ali, I adore this watermelon hue on you.
Haha, and I know, I think it's pretty ironic that I tentatively tried out for Senate "just because" and now I'm the freaking PR 0_o I was told it's cause I have a good voice. Yikes. Aha, hopefully I won't stammer too much!
Ah well, learning experiences!
Oh, and I'm glad your dad is back home safely. I'm sorry for his (and your) loss. Thankfully it sounds like he's handling it well.

Trendy Teal

Katie Frank said...

you look amazing, just like cindrella <3 i love your dress :)

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Your new dress looks stunning on you! It indeed moves beautifully with the wind and the color is just divine!!! Also, I'm so sorry to hear about your father's father's passing. But glad to hear that your father is back with you, I bet you missed him a lot.

Sammi said...

Oh wow, this dress is STUNNING on you! The color and shape are goooorgeous! Such a beauty!

xox Sammi

Andrea said...

that dress is so cute! and I love love love LOVE your heels! in fact I LOVE THIS OUTFIT! pink+black+white=AMAZING.

great blog btw! I can't wait for more posts!
if you have the time, please check out my blog:
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Andrea said...

that dress is so cute! and I love love love LOVE your heels! in fact I LOVE THIS OUTFIT! pink+black+white=AMAZING.

great blog btw! I can't wait for more posts!
if you have the time, please check out my blog:
(it's new)

Shirley said...

holy shoot, i love your blog SO much HOW DID I NOT FIND IT BEFORE, SERIOUSLY! AND HOW DO YOU NOT HAVE LIKE 1000+ FOLLOWERS. Your photos are so crisp and clear, you're goorgeous, and your style is soo amazing! but seriously that dress and color looks great on you!!(:

xx, Shirley

Corinne said...

I love this dress on you, it's a lovely colour! How lucky of you to receive such a beautiful dress.

Hope you have a great weekend

Corinne x

Jo said...

I love the way the photo is taken with your skirt fluttering in the air.

I love dresses that stay up no matter how much I jump too. So far, I haven't found any strapless dress like that. As beautiful as it looked, my day-time white wedding dress kept slipping down on me that I've to constantly hide in a room to pull it up. As for my evening gown for the banquet at night, it was so tight that I swore it would burst after eating ONE PEA.


Glad to see you on my blog and thanx for following me too.

Thanx for your birthday wishes, dear. I love the artistic direction of The Great Gatsby and the content is almost true to the book.

Sabrina said...

You are absolutely rocking that watermelon colour! Looks so pretty on you.


Lily said...

Ali!! You are seriously a regal princess with all these gorgeous dresses haha. Oh, I feel you with the peas. Hey, but it looks great on you!

I'm totally loving how you paired those edgy patterned heels with the solid dress--a genius choice (:

Aww, glad to hear your dad's home and doing all right. Have a lovely rest of the weekend!

Ashley said...

I truly think that you are a secret princess. My goodness, you are so gorgeous and princess-like, I can hardly stand it! This dress is absolute perfection on you Ali.

Okay, so I was reading your comments about A Game of Thrones. Have you watched the show yet? I think thats why I'm enjoying the book so much, because I watched the show first. I admit, the book can be a little confusing and get boring at times (long drawn out conversations...blahhh wheres the action?!). But watching the show helped me dive into the book, and I am enjoying making connections and spotting the differences between the two!

xo Ashley


you looks stunning in this dress, that colour is perfect on you!
and haha i love how you bring a little humour to your writing, your an awesome girl! its always handy having a dress that contains your boobs so they dont go flying all over the place!


♥ Ellen
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Imogen said...

What a beautiful dress. The colour stands out to me, it is so adorable. You look really pretty.

Joyce said...

The color of that dress is so pretty and that's awesome that it stays put! That's always my biggest worry regarding strapless dresses. I have barely-there-boobies too LOL. And ooo love how it flows, those are the best dresses!

I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa :( But i'm glad your dad is coming back!

Larissa said...

This dress is super nice! I can understand that you love it :) Looks so great on you!!!

Happy start in the week!



I think the colour of the dress look stunning on you, especially with the patterned heels. /Madison :)

Katie Frank said...

wow, you look like a princess <3 i love it <3 i just followed you :)

Marlen said...

Aw I'm sorry for you losing your grandpa :( And I can feel your dad on that long trip- I just did a 30 hour one too. It's painful haha. And what a gorgeous dress- I can definitely see that regal swag you're talking about. And it can fit after 4.5 peas?! Now we know it's a total winner, haha!

And I love how you always pair pretty dresses with unconventional pieces like those funky heels. It makes me swoooon!

xo Marlen
Messages on a Napkin

Carla Florendo said...

Oh my,, this dress is just divine! You look stunning Ali! I'm sorry about your grandpa. HAve a wonderful week!

xo, Carla

lesley kim said...

Gorgeous dress!! perfect for the summer =)

ps. do you want to follow each other?


lucia m said...

perfect dress!


Alexandra Zakharova said...

Such a beautiful dress! Looks stunning on you! Great pictures as well! Gladly followed you with GFC and on Bloglovin', hope you can do same;)
Have a fabulous time!

Best wishes, Alexandra

Hippiegonemad said...

i wish i have your skinny body! you look ah-mazing

mochaccinoland said...

stunning!!! u look so beautiful. that dress is perfect on u and i love how your mum styled your hair <333


Mary M. said...

This dress looks so amazing on you, I love how you styled it! The shoes are so funky and chic!

Have an amazing week,
Mary x

LyddieGal said...

that color looks just divine on you Ali, and the fit does seem quite perfect - always tricky with those strapless numbers.
Sorry to hear about your grandfather passing.

Jamie Rose said...

This dress is definitely full of regal swag! I love the color so much. I think it'd be perfect to wear to a summer wedding. Those awesome heels look great with it too!

Mollie said...

You look ravishing! I adore twirly dresses, especially pink ones. ;)

Nice choice in shoes! They add the perfect amount of edge to an otherwise girly outfit.

Ratu A. Suryasumirat said...

Wow. What really catches my attention is the colour. I very much agree with the others, this dress fits you beautifully. Candy-like.

Cassandra Too said...

The dress is beautiful and the color of the dress is amazing! :D

You look very pretty in it!

with love, Cassandra xx

monica said...

awww so cute

Ivana Džidić said...

I agree about the colour...stunning.

Jen Hsieh said...


That is all.

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

I really need a bridesmaid dress. Maybe this site will work out if the next two dresses I ordered don't (I'm on my 4th. seriously, for a girl who owns a ton of dresses, why can't i find a bridesmaid dress?)

Anyhow, you look amazing in formal wear. You could join a sorority and out shine everyone. I don't know why I mention that. I think I've been watching too much Greek.

nd I'm sorry about you grandpa! That's no good, it's hard to see family members pass, but even harder to watch the parents deal with it. Glad he's doing ok and home now.