Thursday, October 10, 2013


Bendwarp, acrylic on paper with wood backing, 3' x 7',
Fall 2013, Drawing Concepts 

______One thing I've learned through my Drawing Concepts class is that I enjoy making things on a large scale. Not overwhelmingly oppressive to the point where they stoop over you like a very threatening Porta Potty that's about to spill it's portable pottyness over on ya, but enough so that they can almost regard you and invite you toward them--I guess slightly larger than the size of a human would be the best way to describe it. Maybe that scale will increase one day. This guy is 7' tall and 3' wide, which isn't ginormous, but it's larger than what I'm used to.

______So this is my latest and second project for the class: something that depicts the act of it's making. The actual making of this product involved me walking around a podium wrapped in paper making sporadic yet gestural marks with a paintbrush as many times as I felt was necessary. In person, it's much easier to see where the bends on the angular podium were previously present--an impressed I liked t o show, and which remained present even after ironing the paper out. Pictures never seem to do big things much justice.

Bend (detail)

______My friend, Greg, snapped a photo of me in the process of it all. It was a very dizzy ordeal, for sometimes I would be swallowed by the act of circle-making and move around the podium so rapidly that the lines would shake and twist before me.  I just about toppled over half a dozen times.

______...Worth it.

______The curve was constructed from a combination of short wooden planks and some supple wood siding bent with picture wire, sort of like an archer's bow. Pew pew, you sassy little turds.



Katie Aman said...

Aaaah I saw this on facebook and was super impressed! You make art look so effortless, when it most certainly is not. This looks extremely professional, and I love the black and white palette. When I initially saw it I didn't even think about all of the work that went into something like this structurally. The fact that you made each part is quite astonishing and wonderful. Happy to see you're rockin' on all of your projects!

Linda B said...

The mystery of that photo I saw on Facebook is explained! Wow, this turned out AMAZING Ali! Teach me your ways *_*
I love that you worked with something so large. Its definitely impressive and inspiring!
Ahaha, and yes, the hairy situation is a good one ;)

The Dragonfruit Diaries

Dreamer Clara^^ said...

Amazing !:)
Love these articles <3
. . .
Dreamer Clara^^

Lily Fang said...

Oh, Ali! Hope your midterms went alright! I've been keeping up with your blog and I first have to say that I've adored your past looks. The floral blazer was perfect and that edgier look was so fierce. The bra problem is just one of the great questions of life haha. I've found it best just to do strapless--I really like bandeau bras by maidenform. Anyways, your style is just always so polished and chic! And your review was so cute.

This art is simply intriguing. I love the careful little strokes and immaculate setting. I can tell that so much effort and thought went into this. Props to you, girl!

Have a wonderful weekend!

LyddieGal said...

Very cool Ali. I love how passionate you are about your art and it really shows through with everything you do!
Chic on the Cheap

Sam said...

Hi Ali, you are so bold and so talented to have created something of this size and magnitude, I aways wonder how sculptors and artists do it...and now I have some idea. I can't imagine the time and effort that went into this amazing artwork. Gobsmacked! You are always so sweet to stop by...have a relaxing weekend!

Alyssa Marie said...

Wow Ali, this is seriously impressive! You should be so proud of yourself, what an amazing piece of art and what an accomplishment! Thanks so much for sharing, you have some serious talent, girl!

xo, Alyssa

Akshara Vivekananthan said...

I'm a huge fan of art, and that too big art pieces such as this one! They always mesmerize me because they are so fantastic to take in and look at. This is one neat piece! I love the structure of it, so cool. I can only imagine how much work this must have taken. Props to you!

Joyce said...

This looks so professional and wonderful, I love the creative process you took to create this. So unique and the effect is really cool! Every time you post your artwork, I am always awed that you can create something so different every time. LOVE!

Joyce said...

This looks so professional and wonderful, I love the creative process you took to create this. So unique and the effect is really cool! Every time you post your artwork, I am always awed that you can create something so different every time. LOVE!

Cassandra Too said...

This is really beautiuful!

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A Certain Vintage said...

that is so striking. Lovely to see something between a print and a sculpture and lovely for you to share with us! If only I could make something with my hands, what a talent!

Jo said...

I'm so glad that you featured your work just when I was talking about it. You look like a pro in your friend's picture. Like you know, art is an easy thing for you. I cannot do things on a large scale. I find that I would not be able to take in the whole sight of it so i applaud you for being able to do it!

I always see you in colours and it's not surprising or shameful to have only 2 blacks. Hahaha... In fact I always encourage my friends and colleagues who often wear black to wear more colours as it would help create positive vibes. I hope to see you featuring your art projects on your blog!

Francesca said...

Wow, that is beautiful! I'm always blown away by you work! It's so beautiful and what a great idea. It looks like all of that effort paid off! I love art done on a large scale, it looks so pretty and detailed.


Anonymous said...

Wow, this piece is wonderful! Your creativity always makes me so happy!

Xo, Hannah

Ivana Džidić said...

Looks really wonderful and interesting... I love the strokes, they remind me of branches....I'm sure it looks even better in's hard to see the light and everything on a photograph...and anyway painting were made to be experienced in a way that is hard to do when you're looking at a photograph. They're both visual art, photography and painting but they cannot do each other job, that is what I have always felt.