Sunday, May 11, 2014

Carry On My Wayward Blobs

Watercharged, 44"x30"
oil on paper, Painting Composition, Spring 2014

______These are my incredibly infectious knuckleblobs. Yes, knuckleblobs. These knuckleblobs radiate with so much evil that horror movies contact them to produce maniac laughter sound effects, incite fear in small children, and reveal themselves in the corners of mirrors in darkened rooms. They absorb whatever is around them, process it within the confines of their malleable nodules, and suck out the color and life until it's greyscale. The more they seek out and destroy, the more powerful they are and the more nodules they grow.

______So twisted and dark, right?

Player Three Has Entered The Game
Player Three Has Entered the Game, 44"x30"
oil on paper, Painting Composition, Spring 2014

______I am absolutely enamored with working on paper; it's thick, tactically pleasing to paint on, and easy to swirl up and lug around when you're done with it. I was certain I hated painting from the bottom of my heart when this painting class started, but then the last few weeks of the semester, I moved from bloody awful gritty canvases and masonite to the smooth, seductive surface that is paper. It's a paper that's commonly used for printmaking, too, so it'll be super convenient to purchase in bulk next year to save a hearty stack o' greenbacks.

Watercharged Detail
Player Three Has Entered The Game
Player Three Has Entered The GamePlayer Three Has Entered The Game

______I wanted to thank you guys for your sweet congratulatory words and insightful ladyadvice on all my posts lately! When I read your comments, I beam like a bright little firefly and I truly can't thank everyone enough, and sometimes I even re-read them when I'm feelin' a bit down. You guys are just the darn loveliest blog frans, and I mean that from my bottom of my squishy, blood-pumpin' heart.


Marlen said...
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Marlen said...

ooo i really like that you gave us close ups- looking at the way you mix colors and brush strokes is mesmerizing! and that's cool you thought you'd hate panic and ended up enjoying it. it's so nice when we get proved wrong!

also, these remind me of the cursed merpeople of ursula, haha

xo marlen
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Abigail ~ said...

oh my gosh.
these are amazing! they're so unassuming. its like; blobs. yes. okay. but then you look closer and they radiate complexity and movement. such a joy to see.
you're amazing, woman!

Jamie Rose said...

So cool! I always enjoy when you post your work here. I wish I was as creative as you!

Ivana Split said...

I loved the up close shots...and I wish I could stare at your painting in person so I can absorb every detail. I can stare for hours at a painting I really like:)In art galleries people probably look at me and ask themselves: 'what's the matter with that one?'

It's great that you like to work on paper as well...I think it is great to explore as any techniques/ materials as we always make us learn something.

Keit said...
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Keit said...

Yup, we know we rock! Readers Power Rangers! :D
Those knuckleblobs sound very evil indeed, but I find them cute :D

Lorri Jeanne said...

Love it! Wish I had that talent.

Londyn said...

Amazing!!! Love this so much - very inspirational.

LyddieGal said...

Glad to hear you fell into sync with painting, and your evil blobs will never escape their paper prison, so I will feel safe to sleep tonight.

Lady parisienne said...

These drawings are amazing!!!

Linda B said...

Knuckleblobs FTW! Haha, and that hidden butt never fails to give me a giggle. Knucklebutt...hehe. I'm so mature.
Anyway, lovely details and closeup Ali! I like that we can see your strokes on the paper.

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The Braided Bandit said...

These swirling knuckleblobs are so cool! You are so talented girl! Ive got some catching up to do with your blog and my giant mug of coff right now :) Have a great day!
xo Hannah

mochaccinoland said...

this painting is electrifying! love how u make the colours glow!!