Friday, June 20, 2014

Sail(or Moon) Away


______Guys, I really have no idea what to talk about. No lightbulbs are flickering in my head right now. I am flickering lightbulb-less.

______I'm definitely doing stuff and things this summer, but those stuff and things are nothing earth-shattering. I've been absorbing delectable books with my mind, soaking them up like Shania Twain does the sun, painting a bit, and biking in the putrid morning air. I've got an awful biker's tan starting: basically, my shoulders and arms have been gaining a meager amount of color, but then from my neck to mid-thigh has remained pale as softened eggshells. Dee-lish-ous. I've gotta acquire a swimsuit and fill that out before I've got ten different tan lines going on and resemble a sepia barcode more than a human.

SailButternut Squash9Sail

______However, I did find some snazzy little bug guys yesterday. These little beetles were perched elegantly on the half-gnawed on leaves behind me. I'll casually note that some of them were fornicating on the undersides of bouncing leaves; how they managed to balance upside down, on top of each other, and all while eagerly performing the fricky-frack act remains a mystery to me. But enough of this naughty bug mating talk. Most of them were just crawlin' about like strong, independent bugs who don't need no mate.

______Or had just recently mated.

______(We just don't know which.)

BeetleIMG_2080BeetleOh dear again

(*coughs totally not voyeuristic at all coughs*)

Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Charlotte Russe
Socks: via Target
Oxford heels: Jeffrey Campbell (similar)
Necklace: ancient-ish
Rose earrings: Charming Charlie (similar)
Chain bracelet: Charming Charlie
Lips: Hourglass (exact)


Keit said...

Hhahaha, bugs sex, now I've seen it all, lol! :D
Ah yes, the good old "nothing interesting happening in my life" period.I'm having it right now :D
Love this outfit, it's quite pretty and you're such a doll! Oh yes, tan lines suck!!!

Jade Wright said...

Ahh I LOVE tan lines :D I always have sunburnt skin.. which I know isn't a good thing! But being a surfer its hard! :D

haha you did really well for a post that you had no lightbulbs for! very enjoyable!!

LyddieGal said...

I know how you feel, things are happening, but nothing too earth-shattering. Of course reading, painting and bike riding already sounds like you are having a more productive summer than I.

Great macro shots of those bugs - they are so shiny and don't even look real.
Chic on the Cheap

The Braided Bandit said...

That sailor blouse is adorableee! And those little bug guys are actually so pretty up close, you got great shots of them! Happy Friday Ali!
xo Hannah

Kristian said...

So, I wouldn't have thought it except for your title, but this does seem a little Sailor Senshi inspired- without being overpowering or too much. How fun!

Rachel Sullivan said...

I love those shoes a ton. And lol you got me with that Shania Twain joke, ngl.


Ivana Split said...

We all need those 'nothing extraordinary is happening' times...though I must say those are some extraordinary photos...really outstanding photography! I didn't know about this talent of yours!

However, I did know about the adorable way you put things...and I don't think anyone could have written those bug paragraphs better than you did...or funnier! It did made me laugh (thanks for that btw, laughs are something one can always use)

The outfit I do really like...the way you combine socks and shoes is so stylish and unique...and every outfit feels some much like!

...and such a lovely hairdo, cute little braids!

Rachel said...

Your socks and earrings are so cute. I don't have any socks like that. I have knee highs--which require all out commitment to allowing them to be the star of the outfit...and I have plain old black ankle socks meant to serve their purpose and be hidden. Yours are a nice balance between the two.

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

oh wow...haha...that last photo of the bugs. haha

cute look!


Jacqueline Stewart said...

you know, when I started reading your post, I really didn't know I'd get to see bugs doing it at the end. Ha! Love these Christmas Beetle type bugs too, I always wanna wear them as shiny brooches but they won't stay still.
loving your sailor top too.x

Brittney said...

Hey don't judge, maybe a little voyeurism is what it takes to save their tanking marriage. That, and they find it super kinky to have a human watching :P At first I thought this post was going to be about Sailor Moon (reboot is coming out in a few days gahhh) and I was going to say I could totally see you as a fellow sailor scout, champion of the bugs or something.


Another Beautiful Thing

Linda B said...

Bahaha, oh man, bug sex eh? That's some kinky stuff. They're quite...well, flexible to pull off hanging upside down, on top, and still going at it.
Anyway, this is a weird
On a simpler note, you look super cute and adorable :D I always love how you incorporate socks into your outfits. I've never thought about socks as accessories, but that's what they are in your looks <3
And I know, if we lived close by...sigh, oh imagine the brunches and chats we could have! I just know we'd hit it off too Ali :)
One day. When I go on my roadtrip across the US, Alabama is definitely on the list! Just for you :P Haha!
Hehe, and yes, star gazing in illegal locations... ;)

The Dragonfruit Diaries

Samantha said...

Ahhhh, I'm totally not a bug person (a reason why I love my cold country even more), but these pictures are awesome! The colours of the bugs are super cool. And you look uber adorbs in your sailor moon-esque ensemble!

Sarah Rizaga said...

Love the photos, though i dont ind about the bugs :)

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Carla Florendo said...

at least you got something to do right? I so wish I'm still in school so that I have spare days to do thinks like biking and stuf.. anyway i love this outfit - summer ready!

xo, Carla

Imogen said...

I love your outfit and everything sailor inspired. I have a dress which I wore to work awhile back and it has acquired the name of sailor moon dress. I never thought I'd say this but that bag is really pretty and I adore the metallic look.

Joyce said...

AHAHAH that last photo...I was scrolling down and I was thinking, wow these photos make these beetles look so majestic. And then bam...the last photo. Still looking pretty cool though, hahaha.

Those socks! I always smile when I see them. They are just so polka dotted and cute. So perfect with those shoes :)

Sam said...

Hi Ali, this is sailor chic at its best, love this adorable nautical outfit, you pull it off with flair, the earrings are very pretty. No tans for us here for a while, its been 10 degrees daytime temperature and getting colder. Have a great start to the week hun!

Kelsey Bang said...

the darling blouse, super cute shoes, its all so dang cute! and the darling bug to top it off?! Love it all! so fun and cute!

Midwest Muse said...

You look stunning! I love these colors on you and your socks are so adorable.

Marlen said...

haha ive been feeling the same way! i'm doing stuff but i just dunno what to write on the blog- which makes me think, am i EVEN doing stuff? god. who knows. all that matters is you look cute, which i expected. ;)

and i'm TOTALLY staying productive, though I feel like ive been losing steam a bit. motivate me!! the siren song of netflix is starting to pull me in, ahhh

xo marlen
Messages on a Napkin

JC Cross-Jones said...

Such a cute look, it all works together so well
Two Hearts One Roof

Lily Fang said...

Aliii! First off, I want to say that I totally understand. We all go through phases where there seems to be nothing to write about. But with your writing talent you make saying anything so quirky and elegant--even this! Anyways, this look is so well-balanced and elegant. The punny post title is a plus too, haha. Also, your macro photography of the beetles is so sharp and on point! Stunning!

My favorite post would have to be the outfit with the biking story--Northern Lights sounds like an interesting character haha. The way you weave a narrative from an everyday event is amazing. Can't wait to be updated on any more run-ins. As for the tanlines you mentioned, I know those well from running haha.

Your artwork was also quite stunning and ethereal. I half reminded me of a scientific sketch and half reminded me of something other-wordly. I love how your art is always so interpretive. As for that unpleasant fellow who was impersonating you, good for you tell it as it is! I'm so glad that's all resolved now.

Have a beautiful week--enjoy all the relaxation and spontaneity that summer has to offer!

Ruby Sterland said...

I've been having a bit of writers block too! I love these photos, your style is so so pretty x

Rebecca Coates said...

This outfit is basically everything. MY FAVORITE part are the socks. They just kinda make everything work perfectly together. Well done.

Becca xo
She & Her Vintage