Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fossil Floaters

Fossil Floaters
Fossil Floaters, Lithographic print, April 2014


______Is it already time for me to post on teh BLOGE???/

______I wasn't actually ready to post any outfits, so instead my final lithograph from last semester shall be unveiled. I've been busier than my paternal grandmother would be at a male strip club this past week. I imagine that my grandma would rather enjoy those, simply because of her choice in a 21st birthday card she sent me: "Red Rover, Red Rover, send cute, financially stable men right over!" Scrawled fiercely inside the card was a request: "Send the OLD guys to me!"

______She is a wild one and I am forever driven by her electric personality and frankness. In a world of processed orange cheeses, she is spicy and decadent, like well-aged Parmesan with flakes of pepper scattered throughout.

Fossil FloatersFossil Floaters

______But yeah, busy week. I had to get my laptop fixed, so I was without it for three days, and those three days were probably the most productive of my summer. I started a 4'x4' painting in the basement, transforming half of my dad's man-cave into a temporary studio, took senior pictures for my neighbor, worked on a good chunk of illustration-comics for my job, and finished two books I had been slogging through. Writing things out makes me feel like I've actually been doing things. Hooray, things!

______Oh! Oh! I'm sure most of you have seen my cake, but since Sunday I have officially been a real 21-year old! I keep forgetting it, too. I'm honestly unfazed by alcohol and still haven't had my first drink, but I'm sure I'll give a darn and sip on some fancy fermented grapes one day.

______Pinkie up.

21 Cake


Delores Harshaw said...

Your art is always seriously so cool. Happy (belated) Birthday! Your cake was amazing!


Happy Birthday! Marvellous artwork! Glad to hear your lauptop is fixed. Isn't it funny how much we can get done without our tech sometimes. I had my mobile broke one time and got loads doen without constantly being on it. Enjoy your week.
Random Bits & Pieces<

Petite Yeoja said...

Your cake decoration is such a detail! Anyway, happy 21st birthday to you! May all your birthday wishes come true.


Keit said...

I remember my first drink. I drank two beers, got sick, threw up in my friend's apartment and slept on her couch till night. It was worth it! :D
Haha, wish I could see the granny, she sounds awesome. My granny is a little bit conservative, but still manages to surprise me with some weird stuff she says :D
Happy Birthday my dear! Welcome to the adult club, we have low expectation and a chug full of whiskey.

Ivana Split said...

I love my granny too! In fact I should go visit her on the island next week. I'm really happy about that:) and your granny does sound great!

Glad to hear you have been really productive! Maybe it's a good thing you had laptop problems...sometimes we do need to get away from technology, don't you think? the art you created is beautiful and fascinating...

The cake looks lovely. Happy 21th birthday! I don't remember when I had my first drink, here it is quite customary (if not obligatory) to drink wine when we eat fish so it might have been quite early as no one really considers a glass of wine after lunch (especially when mixed with water) real alcohol....but it's been a few years since I had a sip of alcohol (health reasons) so it is quite possible that one that innocent glass of wine might make me more dizzy than when I was an adolescent!;)

Linda B said...

Bahaha, oh man, your grandmother sounds like a hoot! She'd be a fun one to meet, for sure. What she wrote in your card...hehe xD
And I know, blog postings sneak up on ya! I'll schedule posts ahead of time and still they seem to sneak up on me. Ah well, hooray for having backup talents besides looking impeccably put together, like artsiness! Hehe, great print as always Ali!
And I can't even imagine what's going to happen my 21st birthday. It'd normally be a low key day if it were up to me, but with a friend like Corina in my life, I'm half certain she'll show up in a cab and say, "Let's hit the bars!!!!"
Anyway, your cake is radically awesome, which is befitting for the person it's for :)

The Dragonfruit Diaries

Jacqueline Stewart said...

ohhhh! Happy Birthday ALI ! :D Huzzah for turning 21 and huzzah for now being able to legally sip on wine (rose is the best, yo) if you want to.
These lithographs are awesome and I love seeing your creative mind at play through your art. x

The Marcy Stop said...

Love your artwork! So unique!
Happy Birthday as well babe!

The Marcy Stop

Allie @ Everyday Adventures said...

Happy birthday! Haha sassy grandmas are the best!

mochaccinoland said...
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mochaccinoland said...

happy birthday dear ali. hope you had a great one and welcome to the adulthood! all i had for my 21st birthday was pizza delivery as it was exam season. my hall mates & i waited 2 hrs for the pizza as the delivery boy got lost in our massive campus. lol.


Jamie Rose D. said...

Wooo 21! Try something extra tasty. No need to have anything too fancy. I particularly enjoy a shandy in the summer which essentially tastes like beer juice. Yum.

It's great that you've been productive! I sometimes feel like I can't get away from the computer ever since I have part time work that I have to do online now. Also job hunting. Ugh. Computer vacations can be great though!

Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

LyddieGal said...

21! The age everyone waits for, and then does not want to surpass. Happy Birthday! You will drink when you are ready. I never wanted to drink, I still never go out and get crazy, but I will admit that I do enjoy it, especially making fancy cocktails with my friends.

Your grandma sounds like an amazing lady, who doesn't love a great aged parm?

Lorna said...

Happy Birthday! That's such a cool cake! And don't worry, I don't drink and I'm 26, I probably wont ever drink because I hate it. It doesn't make you cool or anything, don't feel like you have to, you will be a lot healthier by choosing not to drink as well and make less crazy mistakes lol. Be proud of who you are and your choices to stray away from the norm :)

Raindrops of Sapphire

Cee said...

Happy 21st birthday! Glad to hear that your laptop is fixed, it's always hard to be without one, even if it does mean you end up being more productive in other areas of your life :)

Joyce said...

Happy belated birthday! Your birthday cake looks so cool and hahaha your grandma sounds awesome.

Sounds like you got so much done this week! It's always fun to accomplish projects :)