Monday, December 28, 2015

Into the Woods


______Honestly, I'm terrible at making holiday-themed posts. You all look so darling in your Santa hats, exquisite glimmering diamond necklaces, and thick glittering sweaters, and all with festive trees and twinkling lights as holiday backdrops.  Then you've got me, this dork who forgets to take pictures more and more each year because she's too busy shoving chocolate chips and Rolos in her mouth and calling it "holiday baking."

______There's a reason the recipe promises four dozen cookies when a mere two dozen of them emerge from the oven. I know: that darn dog, sneaking dough like that.

______I digress.  Thanks to the seventy-degree weather we faced this holiday season, as well as the impending threat of tornados and floods, winter fashion was sort of out of the question. Thus, I shall stick to words to describe our holiday season...


______I'm sure you all remember the elusive Northern Lights, the shouting bike man whose local dad cycling squad I joined a few months ago; well, his wife is actually quite the artist herself with quilting and baking, and I met her one day and she later invited me to a cookie decorating party! They're a young couple and likely some of the most genuinely kind people I've met. Gushing aside, she used to decorate cookies for money, and had the most impressive arrangement of cookie making supplies in the world: a massive drawer full of cookie cutters, from letters to states to various animals; a cupboard with a ROYGBIV-worthy selection of sprinkles and sparkles; and all sorts of decorating tools.

______So that day I brought home even more delicious baked goods for our household that is, even now, still brimming with sweets.


______He was very excited to tell everyone at the cookie party that I had given him the nickname of Northern Lights. He has yet to know he has a whole segment of stories about him on my blog, as well as a slew of followers who eagerly await hearing tales of his existence.

______He does not need to know.


Skirt: Urban Outfitters (exact)
Shrit: white shirt yo c'mon
Heels: Jeffrey Campbell
Necklace: Charming Charlie
Earrings: Charming Charlie
Ring: from the father unit


Sarah Albertson said...

I actually did get around to taking holiday outfit pictures, but will I actually post them before spring arrives?? We shall see! This outfit is so darling, and those shoes are incredible! The holiday cookie party sounds like a blast. I hope you had a great Christmas!

Ivana Split said...

I don't make good Christmas posts either...I guess I'm too busy trying to see everyone and say Merry Christmas to everyone to actually have the time to photograph what I was wearing...and this year it was leggings and a long sweater (not very posh at all). I did make a few Christmas illustrations so that was my contribution.

you look so pretty in this adorable girly outfit.......I love those heels.

Happy New Year!

Lily Fang said...

Aw, that sounds like the sweetest experience! It's so funny how a few encounters with Northern Lights led to a new group of biker friends and warm memories. I would've loved to bake in that kitchen--her supplies sound so impressive!

I also wonder sometimes how people would react if they read stories about them on my blog. It's ironic--sometimes I hope that those in my immediate life actually don't read my posts, so I'm able to write with more honesty and candor. But at the same time, sometimes I wish they would, because I'm able to express my thoughts on a deeper level that you sometimes can't reach with everyone in everyday life.

Anyways, you look absolutely darling--I love how you made simple, versatile pieces such a statement. I especially like that iridescent jewelry and your edgy heels!

Wishing you the loveliest of new years festivities!

imperfect idealist

Midwest Muse said...

I am right there with you on the too busy eating cookies to document outfits thing. Seriously, cookies over OOTD's every day. This outfit is still very much holiday as it makes me feel like you're a modern princess in a very cool lookin' forest.

Isti Sugiharti said...

Such a sweet outfit! Love the shoes and your hairdo <3
Happy holidays!

Izzy said...

haha don't worry I have been lacking in taking holiday outfit pics too! you look gorgeous in these photos, that skirt is the prettiest colour! :)

Metallic Paws

The Dragonfruit said...

Conclusion: I want to move into the Hval household...
Hehe, and he doesn't have to know xD Oh man, sometimes I wonder if the people I wrote about ever come across my blog and would just so happen to land on an old post mentioning them...the HORROR!

That's so awesome how Northern Lights came to be and that his wife just so happens to be an artsy little woman herself - how serendipitous! :D And a baker? Um, yes, I'd be buddy buddy with these people for sure hehe.

Hope the weather doesn't unleash tornadoes on you anytime soon! Stay safe Ali, I'm still counting on visiting one day.

Oh right, and since this is a fashion blog - DEM ZEBRA SHOES, GIRRRRRL. Always have loved those heels! :D

The Dragonfruit Diaries
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Kristian said...

I am lol-ing forever at the thought this man has achieved some level of internet fame he will never learn of.

Also 1) This is a gorgeous outfit. 2) Made more gorgeous by the great photography and light. Seriously. Amazing photography.

LyddieGal said...

Yes, I suppose everyone had a warm December! But even if it wasn't a white christmas, I hope it was still a good one.
The cookie decorating party sounds like so much fun!
Can never have too many cookies this time of year ;)
Chic on the Cheap

Chezka Cenon said...

Your pictures are amazing! I love those shoes! Happy New Year =)

- Che

E said...

I'm terrible with capturing holiday looks too - it's such a busy time of year already, it's hard to remember everyone's gifts, let alone figure out what to wear. You look darling though. I love those shoes!

District of Chic

Jamie Rose D. said...

I hardly wore any holiday outfits super close to the holidays because I was too busy lounging and eating food too, so I understand. Or I was too busy sitting in my pjs and by the time I got dressed it was almost dark out. Oops!

Anyway, I think you look awesome here as usual. That skirt is a wonderful color and the tribal patterned shoes are super cool.

Jamie |