Monday, January 4, 2016



______These were taken the day before our last day of Warm-Winter. And now, the temperatures are where they should be considering the time of year: cool 40s and 30s, with those winds that smack you like a cold fish to the face and keep you chilled for the rest of the day.

______Chilly is how I usually am, though, because I'm always cold and wearing a massive, fluffy robe around the house in addition to multiple layers of socks. It's an impressive sight. I am a big weenie. I am quit possibly the biggest weenie. Just call me Weenie Lord Ali, Lord of the Weenies.


______But not those kind of weenies. I don't wanna be lord of those.


______I never really make many resolutions for New Years'. Or at least, the ones I have aren't something I ever write down unless I feel some kind of desperate need to really change myself. But I'm pretty satisfied with things right now and just want to keep pushing in the current direction that I've been. In the past week, I've finally submitted all my graduate school applications, and hope to figure out where I want to go with that, as well as being as happy as I possibly can with myself and any accomplishments I may have this year.

______I do know that one thing I want to do is cook more for myself and try a lot more new recipes: I save so many in my tabs but still tend to stick to the same meals. Variety needs to be the spice of life! Especially ones with wild rice, soups, and more vegan/vegetarian meals. Mmmm.

______I hope you all had a wonderful and fulfilling New Years' (and holiday season in general); seeing all the decorations and twinkling lights of Christmas disappear over the next few weeks is a little sad, but I guess it's more special if it comes only once a year.


Top: ASOS (exact)
Palazzo pants: JCPenny (similar)
Spike bracelet: Charming Charlie
Earrings: Lotus Botique (similar)
Heels: Jeffrey Campbell



pretty! Cute pants

Frannie Pantz said...

I love cooking! I hope you enjoy it! I really love your pants! Happy New Year to you! I never really make resolutions either. Or if I do, I know I will not keep them for a full year. Perhaps my resolution should be to keep a resolution. Not sure how that would work . . .

Taipei Style said...

Cool combination!


Midwest Muse said...

I'm always cold too! It's a fun way to be. The space heater is my best friend in the winter. These are some seriously awesome shoes/pants and I love your approach to resolutions. That's exactly how it should be.

Nami said...

Cool outfit, Missy! Love the accessories, too. Looking forward to finding out where you'll be attending grad school. 😘❌⭕️

Isti Sugiharti said...

Love this outfit! And the ring is sooo cute!
Have a nice day :D

Amed said...

Palazzo pants is absolutely amazing! beautiful pics

Sampada N said...

I love those pants!
And omg I'm so weak in the cold. The slightest dip below 60 will make me bring my coat out. I hate feeling chilly so desperate times call for desperate measures!
Sampz and Such

Sarah Albertson said...

Those pants are awesome!! I am a big weenie when it comes to cold too, I'll be the one wearing a cardigan in 85 degree heat. But strangely enough, I really like the cold weather!

Lily Fang said...

Ha, I'm a big weenie too then--I also don lots of socks and sweaters. Better warm and a sight than cold and not though!

You look absolutely classy here--I love that geometric necklace and vesatile top. The black is a great complement to those flowy, patterned pants.

Wishing you only the best with those grad school apps--what a big step! I'm so, so excited for you and the direction you're taking!

Also, YES to the vegetarian/vegan cooking. I've been experimenting myself these days and it's so gratifying. If you're into breakfast foods, I highly recommend trying vegan banana pancakes or a sweet potato scramble!

imperfect idealist

LyddieGal said...

I am perpetually freezing cold, and I am missing warm winter already too! It might not have been quite as warm as yours, but 55 sure does beat 12.
Chic on the Cheap

The Dragonfruit said...

Ali is Lord of the Weenies, and I am included in this kingdom - cause girl, I pile on layers and layers of socks during winter and I feel your pain!
These heels are stunning and I love your fun, bold pants. Makes me long for warmer weather...sigh.
I'd love to see some vegan/vegetarian dishes that you end up making! My goal is to eat healthier and not use being a college student as an excuse...aha ^^'

The Dragonfruit Diaries

Miguel Gouveia said...

Hello dear :D You look so pretty!

I really love this print :D So nice :D

I'm following you via GFC. Can you follow me back, please?

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