Monday, January 18, 2016

Velvet Spells


______Um, so my super dearest darling friend Alissa over at The Adored Life sent me these seriously adorable feather-topped stockings. She is a dream, and if you don't know about her blog yet, then what are you even doing? Everything she writes makes me laugh like a scheming fly that rubs its hands together after pooping on your dinner. If you think I'm funny (which you shouldn't), then you will be peeing your underwear reading her content.

______And, well, if you don't wear underwear, then... #respect.

______I digress. I am in stocking heaven. They actually stay up and I'm excited to think of more ways to subtly up the charm of an outfit with them.


______I always tell myself it's smart when I'm shopping to buy practical things that remix nicely. Simultaneously, I always manage to convince myself that certain impractical items, which are extremely cute and/or spunky as heck, I'll never come across again, and honestly could be easily remixed if I raised the bar on outfit creativity.

______I am, essentially, a hot boiling mess. I am Funkytown to the nth degree. I am a pizza with too many toppings that don't taste yummy together, like sprouts and pineapple and garlic, with not nearly enough crust to hold it steady.

______I don't even own a plain black T-shirt. Bruh. Ali. Bruh! Honestly. I suck. It was only about a month ago that I bought a plain white boatneck shirt. And it hurt me a little bit inside; I was deliberating over it for far too long and kept moving back and forth toward the checkout line when I had it.


______On the bright side, it makes me have to think hard about an outfit and really funk them up into something unique. Is funk a verb? It might as well be. We can funk with the English language all we funkin' want. It's called developing a writing style (or just being terrible at writing).

______Have a wonderful start to your week, and remember to never be like me.


Dress: LoveCulture (similar)
Fringe kimono: Forever 21
Stockings: c/o Alissa, via NastyGal
Heels: Jeffrey Campbell
Necklace: Charming Charlie


Frannie Pantz said...

Many things here--one those feather knee highs are THE BEST thing I have seen on the internet today. Second, I get so overwhelmed shopping for basics. I think because it seems like a chore to shop for basics instead of fun shopping. Also, funk is absolutely a verb. At least in my world.

Sierra Rose said...

Super cute look!
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LyddieGal said...

For the longest time I HATED buying basics, but eventually I realized that when I wanted to wear a black or white tee five days a week it would serve me well to actually have one, or even two so I didn't have to continually take the one out of the dirty laundry basket to wear it again...

Also your fluffy stockings are amazing, and Alissa is wonderful - been a fan of her blog forever!
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Rachel said...

I largely never buy anything that's an outfit basic or a 'staple'. Why waste money on those? Seems like I have enough staples. I probably haven't bought a normal colored pair of jeans since 2011 or so. Because why buy normal colors when you could buy purple or green or pink and they are so much fun and just as practical, as long as you think about them the right way. I'm very much drawn towards unique things that fit my aesthetic--that's what's worth the money. All the rest of it--boring. Love those stockings! I, much to Angel's disappointment, would probably never wear skirts short enough to show them off to their full glory though (our biggest marital disagreement in 5 years is that I don't wear miniskirts and he thinks I ought to. But I've never been very good at wearing what other people want me to wear--Reason #1 why I hated beauty school: The uniform)

jess said...

I love those stockings. They are such a unique piece.

The Dragonfruit said...

*flies out to Alabama with five black tshirts*
Ahaha, though to be honest, thinking back on all your outfits and general funkiness finesse, I suppose you don't NEED one. Not right away at least...
These fuzzy stocking socks are just adorable! And they stay up? Say no more - I am for sure checking out this girl's blog 0_o
Haha, lovely funky outfit Ali, keep funking on in all your funky awesomeness!

PS: I'm going to actually start saying "funk" in my day-to-day interactions. No joke.

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Lily Fang said...

Ah, that's so sweet of Alissa to send you those cool stockings! She has a sharp sense of humor--I read the first line of her most recent post and was already chuckling.

I like the way you make several unique pieces cohesive--the asymetrical hem and texture of that dust pink dress go well with the feathery stockings and the colors of the velvety, fringey cardi complete the whole edgy-bohemian look.

Now that I think of it, I also don't own a plain black or white t-shirt...I know exactly what you mean when you describe the struggle between versatility and uniqueness. I seem to end up on both extreme sides--I'll either go extremely basic or super funky. Lately though, I've been gravitating towards basics since they're much easier to travel with!

Much love always!

imperfect idealist

Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

You are hilarious, but please don't poop on my food.
I love everything about this outfit! The stockings, the hem of the dress, the kimono. It's all so awesome. It's got a certain witchy vibe without being too much or too Halloweeny. I love it!!

Kristian said...

I think Funk is a verb- there's that whole song about uptown music and funk you up. Which, you know, pun, but still...