Monday, January 11, 2016

The Secret Life Of

The Secret Life OfThe Secret Life Of

_____We all have that one secret dream we think about on occasion, that one dream that's sprouted inside of ours heads but will never reach reality, simply because it is incredibly inane.

_____Before I fall asleep and dream of wild things, I think about skipping through a green field that's sprinkled with the plumpest of chickens. I shit you not when I say my secret dream life would be that of a chicken tamer. Uh, maybe that's not the correct terminology. A purveryor of chickens? A chicken collector? Hmmm... how about...

_____A chicken handler.

The Secret Life Of
The Secret Life OfThe Secret Life OfThe Secret Life Of
The Secret Life Of

_____I would not slaughter my chickens for the tasty nuggets which derive from their chunky bodies, oh no no. Mostly I would just observe them and how they navigate through their practical chicken lifestyle, occasionally intercepting to hug their soft bodies whenever my heart so desired. Have you ever seen very healthy fat chickens in person? Their feathers puff from their body, they can be beautiful shades of gold, of heathered grey and white, of inky black...

_____They are magical. I swear it.

_____And the way they walk! The way they walk is so pure and modest: their feathers ruffle with every step, their bodies wobble like a bobber in the water,  and their eyes are large and beady as black pearls.

_____Don't even get me started on their fluffy chicken butts. Ugh. So much love and adoration for Gallus galls domesticus. That's right. You now know the scientific name for a chicken.

The Secret Life Of
The Secret Life Of

_____I imagine scenarios of how I would take care of these chickens. What if there was a severe storm? We (implying that I am married at this time, because someone would be psychotic enough to marry a chicken fanatic) would bring them indoors, and they would survey the human house. Imagine a bunch of fluffy chickens clucking around a typical household or cuddled up with you as you watch the TV.

_____They would wonder why a man on a flat screen expanded so insistently upon the weather radar behind him. They would peck at the glass cookie jar, wondering why they couldn't get through the transparent surface holding the goodies in. They would cluck and caw and do all sorts of chicken things.

_____Like pooping on stuff.

_____But we will not focus on chicken poop. We will focus on the positive, and the positive... well, it would be the dream.

The Secret Life Of

Jacket: Barbour (gift from daddy Hval!)
Top: Charlotte Russe (similar)
Skirt: Charlotte Russe (exact)
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell
Tights: exact
Hair: styled by my talented momma
(ask in comments for additional details)


Frannie Pantz said...

Oh Lord. My mother is a chicken handler (I am totally telling her that is her new title). She has about half a dozen chickens of which she will never slaughter (which I can totally respect). They are her children. They have names. She knows their personalities. She saves all leftovers for them (their favorite--spaghetti, if you can believe that). SHE EVEN MADE THEM A PINTEREST BOARD. She loves those things. So if you are ever in Colorado and would like a place to live out your fantasy, please contact me. My mother will take you in and you guys can live out all of your chicken dreams.

These photos are magical, ps. Love the boots!

Lily Fang said...

Oh my goodness, Ali, I'm dying! Your words are the loveliest, funniest, most endearing thing--chickens are quite fluffy and cute. I agree that when a storm hits, it'd be quite an incredible scene to see a bunch of gallus galls domesticuses clucking about the house, exploring the new world. Anyways, I always know I'm in for a treat when I click on one of your posts!

Your look here is perfect for this colder weather--I like how you make a very utilitarian thing, the winter jacket, chic. Of course everthing is impeccably matched--the coral shirt with the coral bracelet and the gold from your jewelry with the gold on your tights. You're such as styling pro!

imperfect idealist

LyddieGal said...

I don't think wanting chickens is an odd dream, plus in addition to watching them cluck around and be happy, you'd also get lots of fresh eggs, which would be great.

Love this green coat - gorgeous!
Chic on the Cheap

The Dragonfruit said...

A post full of adorable Ali and the dream of being a chicken handler.
This is why you're my FAVORITE <3
I hope one day your dream is realized. And that you get all the fluffy chicken butts that you desire! xD
Also, loooove the green coat you're wearing here - super practical but stylish looking. My fave type of clothing item! :D

The Dragonfruit Diaries

Rachel said...

Now that is one strange dream to have. Love the wavy hair! Pin-straight hair is a mysterious phenomenon to me, textured hairstyles, now that I understand. :P

Isti Sugiharti said...

Love the jacket and the stockings! <3

Sarah Albertson said...

Haha! I have a dream of owning chickens, they're just so darn cute and majestic! I have a pretty small backyard though, and there and a bunch of crazy cats that roam my neighborhood so I'm not sure it would work out.. :( Love this outfit, and your hair looks incredible!

Hoda Katebi said...

Oh my gosh. HAHAHA I actually had no idea you dreamed of being a chicken handler! Omg I can actually totally see that. I used to have two chickens and two roosters in my suburbian home several years ago when I lived with my parents. We raised them from the time they were chicks and they were the cutest thing! Only problem was that we lived in a suburb and the neighbors called the cops because they would cock-a-doodle-do (does that have a specific name??) several times a day...hahahah

<(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad, a fashion + social action blog

Sabrina said...

Your photos are so whimsical! Something about the colours and lighting just all works so well together. I especially love your coat. And ha, I never thought I'd ever learn so much about chickens from a fashion blog...


Kristian said...

So much to love with this outfit- the metallic heel, the quilted jacketed (Olive is a good color on you!)