Monday, January 25, 2016

The Girl Who Fell To Earth + BornPretty

The Girl Who Fell to Earth

______BornPretty sent me some stellar jewelry recently: this cutout star ring, an adjustable double terminated bracelet, and a crescent moon necklace. All out of this world.

______I have worked with BornPretty before and have always been satisfied with their products; though cheap in cost, the production of these items is comparable to what you'd find in stores here for $10-$15 more. The metal is actually metal, opposed to that peculiar lightweight plastic that some overseas companies use, and this metal doesn't leave green marks on your skin or become tainted over time. I still have the rings and earrings from them that are just the same as the day I received them years ago.

______So if you want 10% off your next order at BornPretty, just use the code ALT10 during checkout.

The Girl Who Fell to Earth

______David Bowie's passing made me one sad little nugget. Though I didn't become a huge fan of his music until college, he's been my favorite musical artist since as I listen to him daily. I'm one who is always plugged in to tunes, digging and unearthing new, off-beat artists, as well as relying on the well-known classics. Bowie has managed his way into every single one of my playlists, and I've always admired his creation of so many eclectic personalities, creative songs, and unyielding ability to be himself no matter what.

______He's adaptable as those wiggly pancake fish that blend into their backgrounds. You know the ones. Always the same, but always changing from one persona to the next with a natural ease.

______Alas. His passing was one that hit the world hard, but I know he's out there somewhere being spaceman and watching over us. He has done his duty here on planet earth. Besides, a new planet was discovered a week after his so-called passing, which many Bowie fanatics (along with myself) have reasoned that he's inhabiting.

______Coincidence? I think not.

Star ring: c/o BornPretty
Adjustable rock bracelet: c/o BornPretty
Crescent moon necklace: c/o BornPretty

Blazer: Charlotte Russe
Dress: LoveCulture
Monkstrap heels: Jeffrey Campbell
Rocketship necklace: ??


LoveT. said...

Beautiful! i love the gorgeous Necklaces :)

Happy Monday

Lorna Sharp said...

Very cute colours for a post

Frannie Pantz said...

David Bowie was one of those artists that I really didn't realize how much I liked and appreciated his music until he was gone. So sad. But on the bright side--this pale pink is the perfect color on you! I love it with the white tights!

Sarah Albertson said...

SO pretty! And yes, I definitely think David Bowie has a nice new home on his very own planet :)

Shyscout said...

Love this look and the jewelry. The spaceship is just too cute! I hope Bowie is inhabiting the new planet, I hadn't heard that yet, but pretty awesome.

LyddieGal said...

Your new celestial pieces are quite stunning! I love the crescent moon necklace, and your soft pink dress is as pretty as ever.
Chic on the Cheap

jess said...

I love the rock bracelet. I didn't know they discovered a new planet. I like the idea that David Bowie is there.

Kristian said...

What a fantastic necklace! Also- digging the all-blush palette.

Sybil said...

lovely!!! i adore your shoes!! :D

Have a great day!
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The Dragonfruit said...

Bowie inhabiting another planet...I really like this idea. Sounds plausible too - he had to go spread his creativity to other beings, plain and simple!
I think I'll have to detour over to Born Pretty because that necklace is just so cute! Also, really love the light and romantic vibe of this outfit. That dress is gorgeous and then paired with a structured blazer and KICKASS OXFORDS!? <333
This is why you're a GRILL too Ali! ;) too hot to handle hehehe

The Dragonfruit Diaries

E said...

What a wonderful tribute to Bowie. This look definitely has that spacey, Legend-like woodland fairy vibe about it and it's beautiful.

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