Saturday, June 15, 2013

She's Electric!


______One of the most relieving feelings is when you're able to fervently type out a new blog post from start to finish out in under an hour.  I find that these moments occur most often at night, when it is somehow easier to tear yourself open and tug at your heartstrings and pour out whatever stuff your soul can fabricate into the form of words.

______Ah, yes.  You have done it!  You have corralled your tangled mind-words into a single dimension and smoothed them into something coherent.  Your words have finally stained black on digital white parchment and no more cursor-dragging, highlighting, and deleting is necessary.  It took some time, but you are hands-on-your-hips proud.  You have done your deed as a blogger.  And now, upon framing your post with a set of outfit photos, it is time to publish dat shit, as they say so coolly on the internet.


______And you wait.  And the comments begin to trickle in. The first one is chewy and hard to digest:

______"cute dress xoxo follow me via GFC?"

______Your eyes twitches; you are slightly repelled by your screen. Och. Well, maybe the next one?

______"love your blog, check mine out sweetie!"

______The web address and closing signature this one left is longer than the painfully heart-felt comment itself.  Though you've never before acquainted yourself to this anonymous commentator, a sense of betrayal invades you.

______I want there to be meaning and substance behind my posts, and for you all to realize there's a living, breathing, partial-human-and-possibly-part-mythical-creature-being on the other side of the screen.  I want my posts to unveil something beyond a staged set of selfies picturing cutesy oxfords and flippy skirts.  I don't want to be as shallow as a kiddie pool, seen through easily by the surface; I want to be a lagoon, an ocean, murky and swimming with sensations and emotions and other metaphorical sea-goodies.

______I feel like it's difficult to say that as someone who kind of categorizes herself as a fashion blogger, someone who gets giddy over shopping and window-gazing and dreaming of outfits and ogling slender mannequins donned in gilded jewelry, frothy lace skirts, and twirl-worthy dresses.  Yes, I do get excited over finding a pretty dress.  And yes, I do probably spend too much time opening and closing internet tabs in hasty search for fashionable things.  And yeah, if the opportunity comes where I can make a post in exchange for a pretty, tangible something, I'm probably gonna snatch it up.


______I like clothes!
______I'm materialistic!
______I like stuuuuuuuff! 

______But wait, there's more!  There is?

______I also like substance, the innate kind of substance. The substance you can't touch, but that can be extracted to the form of words.  Yes, I like to surround myself in things that I feel define me, fill a part of me, describe something about me, says something I fear words cannot.

______But I also like to share the stuff inside of me--and I'm totally not talking about guts and intestines and those wiggly, fleshy, organ-like things we all have.  I mean yo soul.  The experiences, the adventures, the stories and the silly little moments in life that can't be worn in the form of clothing.  The expressions that flash and ignite and smoke and fire in your eyes when you're gaping about something you're absolutely enamored with, absolutely passionate about.  The maestro-esque hand motions and the slight body shifts that are you and nobody else.  Those innard thingies are just as eager to seep from my mind and stain my blog as the tangible stuff is.

______And I hope it does.

______I guess in a metaphorical sense, I want the words of inside-me inside accompany the fashion-y pictures of outside-me.  I try to present inside and outside; shell and core.


______But does that mean that's all there is to me? Just because I like to decorate my exterior, does that mean my intristic value is somehow reduced, overshadowed?  I feel like that's a myth surrounding fashion-type blogs, and I wish it'd be mythbusted asap.

______It almost seems like too much of a contrast, too much clashing.  You can't have both a worthy soul and dress yourself funky, can you?  I hope you can.  I hope you can dress pretty and be intelligent, too.  I hope you can be more.  And I hope that people don't accept that as a fashion blogger, that's "all there is to you."

______I hope that someone doesn't scratch at my surface and end up with more surface.  I don't want to just be layers of surface.  Nobody wants to bite into a Reese's peanut butter cup only to discover a lack of peanut butter.

______I don't want to have 1,000 followers and not know a single blip about you guys.  I get that some people aren't here to make friends, but just to become America's Next Top Model, but I dunno if I would be good at blogging for that sole purpose.  I want to be able to regurgitate facts about the people I've met, like how I know Linda is probably the strongest-willed, most down-to-earth gal I've met, and how Katherine has a keen taste for unique foods and drinks and is wearied by the same old, same old, and how Katie is one of the kindest souls to walk this planet, and how Keit could royally kick your ass in real life (and probably in any video game ever), and how Marlen is an incredibly adept writer, and how Lyddie has a superb and eclectic musical taste.  I could go on...!

______I like watching the snow fall as much as anyone else, but I don't want to end up snowed in; I want to watch each snowflake and learn its little intricacies, your little intricacies, and where they repeat in a quirky manner or what parts of it are geometrically slashed out.  You all are my snowflakes, and I could never be warmer.

______I wanna know people! And I do know people, and I'm thankful for those that I do know.  I'm honored to have met as many amazing people as I have, and I want to thank all of you who I've met and befriended and who read my posts with a genuine care.  You know who you are.  If even the smallest flame of acknowledgement flickered in your mind, you are, you are, you are.

______Why do you blog?


Dress: Cynthia Rowland (via TJ Maxx)
Sandals: Franco Sarto
Necklace, Earrings: Charming Charlie
Hair: styled by my lovely momma


Pip said...

Very pretty dress dear and I love your hair like this! Hope you have a great weekend! xx Pip

Easy Outfits by Pip

Bristol Petty said...

Love this dress! It's a great colour, and looks really good on you. Your hair looks awesome, too.


Sammi said...

Great post, my dear. You're such a wonderful writer, and I always enjoy reading what you post, but it's particularly true in this case! I think it makes your blog FAR more interesting to read because you clearly have so much substance and intelligence in addition to your wonderful fashion sense! Those kinds of comments get to me, too. When I first started blogging, I didn't mind it so much, but now I do find myself wanting to have connections with other bloggers I like and who read my posts regularly. And now, for the shallow stuff... this dress is beauuuutiful on you (great color!), and hooooooly hell I am in LOVE with those airplane earrings!! I'm also envious you have the ability to do so many cute up-dos! I'm hopeless with doing anything with my hair that isn't all down!

xox Sammi

Sam said...

Really well said, I love how you write Ali, you have great penmanship skills. I have to agree with you, I prefer interacting with people and getting to know them better through their comments. But I understand there are bloggers out there who don't share this sentiment, and I guess thats okay too. But I will mention your stunning turquoise dress, the colour is splendid on you. How cute are those earrings, really whimsical, just my style.

Admirably Pretty said...

Wow, such a good post! I love how you wrote this, and you're damn right! I don't like those "cute look please follow me" comments either, but hey, that's how it is here in the fashion blogger community, if I may call it that way, and I don't really take it heavily.

But I love how you put it into words. Making friends here is important indeed, much more important than wanting to reach X amount of followers, not caring about wether they read your post or not.

To conclude: I love your outfit from head to toe! Your hair is wonderful, I love those airplane earrings, and the colour of that dress seems to be made for you! gorgeous!

XO Imke

The Simply Kelly said...

beautiful necklace ...and the blue color dress look good on u

Nicky said...

Adire your dress and the necklace too!

Nicky NEWpOsT!

Jessi said...

Oh Ali! I just love the way you write, it's honestly captivating! And you find a way to say so many things I hold inside but don't know how to form into words. I love blogs where I get to know the reader the most as well! That's why yours is one of my favorites. I'm trying to make mine more like that but sometimes I just can't find the words to say... And yes please mythbust! There are so many fashion bloggers who aren't just self-obsessed popularity-thriving mannequins for pretty clothes. Theres much more to most of us!
Oh, and this blue looks incredible on you! What a pretty color! Those earrings are so unique and I love the sandals too, beautiful outfit!

Ivana Džidić said...

cute dress, please follow my blog

had you or not?

Well, I don't get annoyed but that kind of comment but I do prefer those from people I know something about and that know something about me.

btw I had such a deja vu moment when I saw those airline earrings but if I start talking about it in detail I won't have time to take a shower before going out and the people in the city will have to suffer me...let's just say that the first piece of jewelry I have ever made were airline earring and this was such a cute reminder on them...and they're so cute! and I love that dress!

I love what you wrote btw...and loving clothes doesn't make one superficial...everything in life takes effort if you're going to do it, clothes,'s all something we need to work on and something to explore.

shit, I might not have time to take a shower...better hurry

Ashley said...

1. You are gorgeous. This dress, the jewels, your hair, those shoes. Sighhhhhh. You look like you are straight out of a magazine. All I really want is a peek into your closet...I feel like it's probably a magical place bursting with color. Maybe upon opening it Somewhere Over the Rainbow begins to play...? I don't know, but I have magical visions of your closet. I'm sure it is a beautiful place.

2. This post is amazing. You are an exquisite writer! You have this way with words that makes everything you write just come to life. It may sound cheesy, but it's SO TRUE. Write a book. Please.

3. I love that you are so open and willing to share details of your everyday life on your blog. It makes me feel like you are one of my best friends despite the fact that I have never met you in DA REAL WORLD. It is my goal this year to become more personal while blogging. I guess I feel the same way as you do though. You write all these personal details and then the comments you get back range from "So cute! Follow MEEEEE ox!" or "Follow for follow! Nice shoes" it's excruciating. I like to know things too. So maybe I should open up and share back.

Love you lady!

xo Ashley

Dolce Virginia said...

guapisima como siempre estas especial monisima espero te pases por mi blog aber si te gusta yo siempre te sigo guapa besosss

Maddie said...

The dress is so beautiful! Looks lovely on you! :)

Rebekah Bradford said...

Ah those comments drive me crazy! I don't mind if someone leaves their website as long as the comment's not lame. One time I got a "cute dress" comment on a website review...seriously. I always love getting comments that show that the person actually took the time to read the post that I put so much time into writing!

Dreamer Clara^^ said...

Thank you for lovely comment! :) xx Your blog is cute too! :) The outfit is amazing you look incredibly ! :) xx

. . .

Lily said...

Aliiii! You are seriously so gorgeous. Your mom is such a hairstyling pro! And that shade of blue is just lovely one you. Of course, we can't forget about those exquisite earrings!

You are such a role model blogger. I love reading your posts and I've been trying lately make my blogging more personal. I agree--it stings when you spend hours crafting the perfect post but you get comments that really only self-promote. We really need more bloggers like you out there!

Now that you mention it, I couldn't tell you exactly why I blog. I do love meeting quality people, but I think part of the allure of blogging is that people can judge, but they don't know you in person, so it doesn't matter. And for me, it's kind of a creative outlet and my way I leave my mark, as tiny as it may be on the outside world. I rarely talk about my blog with my friends because there's also something strangely appealing about having a sort of Hannah Montana life haha.

Bouchra E said...

Waw! Love the dress and its colour :) Following u and I would love that u follow me back.

Keit said...

Aaaaw! You just made me go "aaaaaww" literally, for real! :D I wouldn't kick anyone's ass, except if I'm carrying my pepper spray, I would just curl in a ball and pretend I'm better than the person who's kicking me :D

But wow, this post is a masterpiece and I bet many people can connect with what you wrote. I think the blogging community just doesn't have time for people with substance, especially the girls who write dumb ass comments like "cute post, follow me...". And it's true that many people aren't here to make friends, but to achieve some other goal, but is it sooo damn hard to write something different than "FOLLOW ME, I HAVE A GIVEAWAAAY"..

Anyway, I enjoy reading every single one of your posts, and wouldn't stop visiting your blog, for the world!

Tallia said...

wow that dress is absolutely beautiful and wonderful accessorizes that you did!

Linda Becaca said...

Oh my dear sweet Ali! You should most definitely be hands-on-hips proud of this post. Its beautiful and captures EXACTLY how I often feel about being a "fashion blogger." (Oh, and thanks for the amazing shout out girly - I'm happy to say I know you as the artistic, vocab-whiz, stylish, incredibly deep fashion blogger that you are).
You know, too often I feel embarrassed about my fashion blog and won't tell people because honestly? Its a TON of pictures of me and what I wear. I mean, how vain and shallow could I be?However, I've always strived to put more than just selfies on my blog. I think its completely possible to show depth and be fashionable at the same time. I like how you pointed that out. Its as if its too much of a contrast to be acceptable. But no! I think the fashion bloggers like you are most definitely proving that's not true. Anyone who would actually read your posts would realize this. :)

Trendy Teal

Madeline Wainscott said...

This, this is why I continue to follow you and your blog. You just encompassed everything I feel about the whole fashion blogger title. There's more to us than that. When I'm inspired to write, I write. I have some posts on my blog that nothing more than text, my innermost thoughts. I also have some that are nothing but music. I feel that like alone tells others a great deal about myself. You've inspired me so much with your writing, this post especially. Please, keep it up. You're beautiful inside and out.


Jacqueline said...

omigod, cute earrings! follow me? (HA! sorry, just kidding - not about the earrings tho ;))
I understand what you are saying, I think ppl who blog, especially fashion blog, are a very diverse lot. I love your posts cos you have substance in what you write, but I also love the girls who just post their outfits and a little writing. It really depends... I recently wrote a post analyzing and doing a film review... the comment I received was something insanely mundane. I think just taking the vapid comments with a grain of salt, and being happy when I get good, substantial comments is the best way to kick it. under no circumstances do i want you to stop publishing dat shit. xoxoxo

Jodie said...

Amazing post and ark I hate those "cute dress. Follow me on gfc" comments- especially after I've wrote several paragraphs on how well my top is made/compliments my skirt. :(
I get bored of straight up outfit posts I need paragraphs of "waffle" (it's what I call my typing it'd in now way an insult) I like to feel connected to those blogs I read.

ftashion said...

Love your braided hair and the blue looks gorgeous against your skin tone!


ftashion said...

Hey great post babe! I hate to see blogging as a mad rat race to gain followers. You are doing so great, keep doing what you are doing! And of course, lovely lovely outfit. I love this blue and all your accessories. Your hair is so pretty!

Fang Ting

Debra said...

Hello gorgeous! Ok...this's exactly why I follow you. There's substance. Honestly. I am sick of reading (if you can call it that) OOTD blogs. Snoozeville! I am a fashion blogger too & I struggle with revealing myself in my posts. But your blog inspires me. :) I think you would do well writing/illustrating children's books because your posts are magical. Love you for who you are. And that's beautiful. Xoxo

Lindsey Louise Bales said...

this post is one of the main reasons i love following your blog, you are so honest and you always know how to explain a feeling. you have made me really want to strive for that blogger-reader connection again, sometimes i completely feel out of the loop or don't take time to do it. it is hard sometimes! thank you for this post dear.

lindsey louise

Jo said...

Ali Ali Ali,

I'm finally here after a loooooong hiatus. WOW! You wrote this post in an hour? I take my hat off you.

There is simply too much to say. Firstly, I will be as shallow as a kiddie pool and say:

I love your electric blue dress!

I love your hair, your plaits, your knotted updo!

I love your accessories that complement so well.

Ok now as for the inner comments... Not the wriggley organs but the soul:

I feel like you whenever I see those kinda shallow comments. I do enable comments approval and somehow, I still approve these comments and even reply them. Coz I feel that at least I have the courtesy to reply and it would be a stark contrast from their shallow comments. I think everything when in black and white on the comments page, only goes to show how silly and shallow they look. Hence I continue approving them. Now I'm wondering if I should simply delete such comments. Their links would be on my blog and I'm giving them some advertising space on my blog. How do you feel about this?

"Just because I like to decorate my exterior, does that mean my intristic value is somehow reduced, overshadowed?"
There are indeed many many many fashion bloggers who are like this. You could tell a lot about a blogger, her followers and her replies to comments or the lack of. Yet there are a also a handful of sincere bloggers out there who try their very best to reply. Some are so popular that they simply could not reply to a few hundred comments but you know when someone is really sincere. You can see it from the way she writes.

I do not see anything wrong with decorating yourself on the outside and being seen as shallow. Coz from the way you write, you definitely aren't anything near a kiddie pool.

I think I've typed half a thesis up there.

BTW, do you check back on replies to comments? I'm not sure if I should paste my reply to you after taking up so much space here.

Jo said...

Ok I've decided to paste my replies to you here. Pls let me know if you do click back on my posts to read the comments so that I will stop spamming and pasting. Hehehe...


RYC on Happy Birthday to Me:
Thanx for your birthday wishes, dear. I love the artistic direction of The Great Gatsby and the content is almost true to the book.


RYC on Weekend Hibernation:
I took so long to get back to this comment and by now 3 Saturdays had passed and sadly, my sleep routine is still the same—waking up only in the late afternoon. I seriously gotta cut down on all my after-work commitments. I’m just too tired.

I haven’t been active on the blogosphere and I feel like I’ve missed out on a lot. I will visit you real soon!


RYC on The hair is the richest ornament of a woman:
I think you look very good in your profile pic with centre part but then again, we just got acquainted and I would need to read more of your posts to see your different hairstyles.

Francesca said...

I love this post, it's so true. Yes, I love clothes and posting about them, but the blogging community is so nice. It's great to meet people who share the same interests as you and read their blogs, and understand how much hard work goes into their posts.

I blog because I just love it. I love publishing a post that i poured hours of work into, and I love commenting on people's blogs and hopefully making their day. And blogs are pretty much my favorite things to read!

Anyways, you look super gorgeous Ali! I love your dress, that color looks really pretty on you and those earrings are probably the cutest things I've seen And I love your hair, it looks so intricate and beautiful!

LyddieGal said...

One of the things that surprised me the most about blogging was how much I got to know other bloggers, and really feeling like we'd developed a friendship, even just through these small glimpses of each others lives.

Of course it's frustrating when you get the form commenters, but it's easy enough to ignore them (chances are their blogs are pretty awful too).

Why do I blog... a bunch of reasons I suppose. Firstly, I like having the motivation to get dressed and look my best everyday.

Second, I like having a reason to use my camera everyday.

Third, the blog has become something I'm committed to. I blog five days a week, and I work hard to provide content that people want to see. I want my blog to grow, I want it to matter. I want to think someone would miss it if it were gone.

Chic on the Cheap

Joyce said...

Ali, you really do have a way with words. I love how you always make really cool metaphors and similes:) But I get what you mean. I think for my blog, since I don't write very much (although i'm trying a different type of post starting this summer so hopefully i'll be able to share more about me), I can understand why people would comment on my blog things like "nice shoes. follow me plz" I really don't like those kinds of comments but I can see why since my blog isn't very deep. Though i'm trying to make it more personal :)

But you write such lovely posts with all these wonderful words and meaning. You really are a fashion blogger role model! You have really good taste in clothes AND you are also really smart and you have a voice. You go girl for showing people that fashion blogging isn't a super shallow, vain type of hobby!I'm hoping that I will someday be able to write well too when it comes to personal stuff. I mean, I really enjoy writing analytical type papers in literature and history class but when it comes to personal type writing or creative writing, I can't :/ And it would seriously come in handy for common app essay writing :p

But anyway, i'm coming back to the surface now, I do love the outfit you are wearing:) The sandals are so cute and remind me of greek goddess type shoes and those airplane earrings are adorable!

Sara said...

Nice photo and really cool outfit, you look great, I like your dress, the color is amazing also you are really beautiful and your accessories rock!

Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

Cherina said...

Sigh* Thank You. Thank You did I flippin' said Thank You!? Gah this well thought out post was exactly what needed to read as I sit at 1am editing my blog's theme and think to myself if anyone at all will notice...or care to notice. You're so motivational and inspiring.

Oh & btw, love that tiffany blue! And your braid. Linda!

xox, Cheri

Nicky mywishstyle said...

very beautiful dress!

mochaccinoland said...

such a pretty outfit. really love your hair! wish your mum could style my hair too!! i know what u meant by those comments u get on your blog, as i get quite a fair share myself too. sometime it makes me wanna quit blogging or disable the comment feature. these days, i simply ignore them.


Katie Frank said...

how amazing is this dress <3 <3 <3 i wish i had such dress but i belive i won't look as good as you do </3
you are such a lovely writer ! i love your writing ;) aw!

jess said...

That dress is an amazing color on you. I love how personal you get in your blogs. I'm trying to write more instead of just pictures.

Frannie Pantz said...

BRAVO!!!!!!!!!! I totally enjoyed this post and I feel the same way. I put A LOT of myself out on the blog. Sometimes it is pretty personal. And I understand that sometimes people are just in a hurry, but if I'm pouring my heart out and get "great dress!" (especially if it is clearly a skirt), it can be disheartening. I love your blog. I think you have great style and you are an excellent writer. Not to mention, you are very funny. You keep doing you boo boo and don't worry about people who don't take the time to comment the way you should. They are the ones just trying to get 1,000 followers just to say they have 1,000 followers. I don't get that mentality but . . . who am I to judge I guess.

Kati said...

Thanks for your lovely words, it is much appreciated!
Can I just say: you are so pretty. I love this dress and these dainty earrings, too! Very lovely!

Have a great day,

Alyssa Molin-Graves said...

I really really love this post, Ali! I especially enjoyed reading the part about "chewy" comments, haha!!! Yeah, those are always fun. I really love knowing my readers, their interests, quirks, and little things that make them unique, too. I know that you- for example- have a crazy penchant for clever writing, and for the truest, most genuine comments and observations- as well as INCREDIBLE talent in art and dressing in fun and classic outfits with a little twist. I like revealing bits of my self and my uniqueness on my blog too- and I hope not to seem depth less or lacking character either- I like to inject a lot of personality, though I don't usually write too much because I get writers block :D So glad that you put this out there and wrote about it in your own way, it is so so true and something that a lot of can relate to! And as for why I blog- well, this may sound like an echo (echo) haha, but I love having this as: 1. A sense of self expression, something to put all of my creativity and self character into, something that no one else can edit or tell me how to write or style 2. To connect with other awesome ladies who enjoy what I enjoy and have an appreciate for fun, funky style like me :) Glad I found your blog, Ali! I always enjoy reading your thoughts, getting to know you better through your words and photos and seeing your beautiful, cool and classy sense of style :)


Anne said...

WOW, your dress is totally breathtaking! You look sooooo beautiful :D:D
Love, Anna

Kelsey Bang said...

the dress is stunning! I love color and the flow of it is amazing!

Sam said...

Hi Ali, Thanks for your style insight on my last post! You don't have to worry about commenting, its impossible to comment all the time, but whenever you get a hence to, i really appreciate your thoughts. Have a wonderful week dear.

Marlen said...

Ok, I literally have to have a notepad out while reading your posts. SO MUCH TO COMMENT ON.

First off, I totally find that writing is easier at night, too! I think it's because everyone's sleeping so there's less energy out there and you can tune in to your own thoughts. That sounds so hippy-dippy, but I think it's true! Also, "digital white parchment"- so, so cool.

Second- i feel you on the eye twitches with the empty comments. I want to make friendships and find muses on here, not swiftly cruise through posts that were slapped together without a fact. So, so frustrating!

I love reading the blogs I follow religiously, and getting to know them almost as well as if we were friends in the same city :)

Third- awww thanks for the shout out :D I feel the samesies about ya! <3

xo Marlen
Messages on a Napkin

Sabrina said...

TJ Maxx, really? Wow, what a beautiful dress, I never would have guessed! You (and your hair) look absolutely stunning.


P.S. I've got a giveaway on my blog!

Rakel said...

love the color of your dress!

Imogen said...

Fantastic post. Firstly, I completely agree. I wrote a few weeks ago about how fashion blogging is so much more to me than just fashion, it is definitely about the friendship. I just love it how I can follow what everyone is up to, I am genuinely interested in the lives of my blog friends. Secondly, the exact topic you wrote about is exactly why I love your blog and I find it one of the most interesting and inspiring blogs out there. I admire the way you write and how you share your life with us. You are definitely much more than just a pretty face!!! Whenever I write something with more substance on my blog, it usually comes to me in the early hours of the morning too. Like right now for example. Anyway, this comment wouldn't be complete without some comment on your fashion. Your jewelery is beautiful and the colour of your dress is stunning and those earrings are the sweetest most unique I have ever seen. Thanks for everything Ali, I really value your friendship.

Alexandra Zakharova said...

You are right, no doubt. I have same feeling realy often. At the same time, even those bloggers you have mentioned may write such shallow comments too, without reading posts. Nobody is perfect you know and who we are to judge anybody. You may not believe me, but I do like your blog and constantly scrolling down your pictures, but I'm not so good at english to understand everything you are writing in here, but it doesn't mean I care only about traffic of my blog or fashion stuff only. I want to say one thing more, lots of girls have brilliant sence of style and it's just nice to see their pictures, leaving such comments about "dress and earings", though they are not writing anything emotional or sentimental and their personal style is only one thing they want to demonstrate in here.
Have a fabulous time!

Best wishes, Alexandra

Ali of Dressing Ken said...

WOW this is great look and love those earrings. Don't know why but they make me think of Mad Men. I have a quick question: are you intentionally indenting the first few words of your text or is blogger forcing you to do this? I am asking b/c I use blogger and the text is doing this all of sudden when I do not want it to. And this is 5th or 6th blogger blog in which I noticed this.


Ali of

Dressing Ken

Cat Flynn said...

Thanks for checking out my blog x Love your earrings very cool!


Johnny said...

i love this dress<333
new follower:)
greatings from germany:)

Katie Aman said...

Ali, this is why others truly love you so much. Not only are you a fabulously talented writer with obvious intellect behind your words, but one can tell from just one interaction with you that you genuinely care about people and making connections with others. You, too are one of the few bloggers whom I enjoy swapping comments with because it feels so much like a fun conversation! I didn't get into blogging just to get followers, in fact I couldn't care less about that. I just wanted to meet others whom I shared an interest with and I've learned so much in the process! I'm continually inspired by you, not only in style but in character as well :)
And as long as we're here, that blue dress is probably the most fantastic color EVER, and how stunning is your hair?! The braid is so sleek and beautiful!

|åƱȩȠȡȅɍ ȶῢⱠⱡⱣž said...

1. That's a dang nab it really well written post.
2. Your plane earrings are sexsaaayyy, my dad's a pilot so I would love to own something like that as a tribute to him.
3. Please don't follow me back :) but I wouldn't mind you dropping over to say hi! Lol!

Sam said...

Hi Ali, thanks for such a wonderful comment, it made my day. Thats actually the best thing I could ever hear! You are too kind :)

Sandra Martinez said...

Hello sweety! Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it, your opinion is so important!
This is such an amazing post, im in love! (:
Have a really nice day :)
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Marlen said...

i know i commented but imma write this before i forget: im 5'11! jolly green over here, haha. but its nice to hear that another tall girl feels my pain with the whole dress issue :D

xo Marlen
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Nina said...

You write amazingly well and I mean honestly, what's wrong with being "materialistic"? It means that you are interested in something that just happens to be categorized as that. I originally started blogging because I felt like I had opinions that I wanted to share with the world but it's so damn difficult when no one actually reads the content and just looks at the photos - and that's fine. But not what I wanted. That's why I try to read every single post that I comment, even when I'm just blog-hopping to promote my blog. I never ask people to follow me though, that's their own decision :)

Nina said...

You write amazingly well and I mean honestly, what's wrong with being "materialistic"? It means that you are interested in something that just happens to be categorized as that. I originally started blogging because I felt like I had opinions that I wanted to share with the world but it's so damn difficult when no one actually reads the content and just looks at the photos - and that's fine. But not what I wanted. That's why I try to read every single post that I comment, even when I'm just blog-hopping to promote my blog. I never ask people to follow me though, that's their own decision :)

Real College Student of Atlanta said...

very pretty blue! i love it!

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

It's funny, I actually visit your blog quite often, but I reserve my comments until I'm back on my laptop. I actually tried to write something for this one, but my ipad sucks at life.


I've come to the conclusion I can't reply to every comment, and some are just visiting to boost traffic. I get it. It makes sense. But. It's always weird when I get these posts I'm super pumped about something in it, and everyone reacts to something different (or ignores it completely).

Sometimes I hate leaving a signature. But i also know I kind of love it when people do the work for me so I don't have to click though the blogger profile. It's a toss up.

I have always really struggled with writing in my posts. I usually cut them down by half because I realize most people aren't reading them. I get surprised when people catch things I expected to get lost since my paragraph was more than two sentences. And honestly, back when I started my blog, I didn't have much to talk about other than sitting at home, playing video games, and blogging. Now that I do, I never know what to focus on.

Mostly I wanted to comment because you mentioned me and I about died.

I wish you lived closer. If you for some reason want to take a trip to Pittsburgh in August, lemme know, we're doing a meet up. But I know it's far for you. I would come pick you up if I were unemployed and that weren't completely and utterly creepy sounding.

ANYHOW. Your earrings in this!!! AH! I just got an airplane necklace, but I Love the earringggsss. Like seriously. I'm going to slobber about your outfits still, but I usually love that you do your comments in the open new window thing because I can read while I type. I have.....7 posts of yours open in tabs right now? Lol.

You're going to have tons of e-mails. :D

Jamie Rose said...

Very well said! I love learning about the bloggers I follow. For a lot of them, including you, I feel like I almost know them through their blog. I always enjoy reading your posts because you're so genuinely you! I struggle with what to share with my readers that isn't about pretty clothes, but I definitely take inspiration from you!

P.S. Those plane earrings are the coolest things in the world.

Anonymous said...

You look so chic in this pretty blue dress, and I LOVE your hair! Gorgeous!

Xo, Hannah

Anna Gorina said...

Such a nice dress, beautiful color!

j e s s i z e e said...

oh my goodness i came across your blog & i am glad i did - this post was spot on. first of all, i love that you addressed the topic of dispelling that myth of all fashion bloggers being superficial or just having skin deep beauty; secondly your outfit is great, and the airplane earrings add a bright, quirky touch in my opinion. it's great to see bloggers who post more than pictures, who aren't just out there to rack up followers. it absolutely makes my day when someone leaves me a thoughtful comment because at the end of the day, the quality of the interaction with the people that read my blog matter so much more to me than the amount~ once again, i'm so happy to have found your blog, i'm looking forward to more posts in the future!

jessica ^____^

Haylee said...

I love all your pretty braided updo's. You make me want to stop being so lazy and actually do something interesting with my hair for a change! ha and random but I also love the title of this post! ha it has a nice ring to it or something.