Friday, June 21, 2013

Still Sailing On


______A fortnight ago, I found out I was sensitive to gluten.

______Yeah, a fortnight.  You bet I waited two weeks to use that word.

______The signs were subtle at first, with little cramps here and there and a slight rising feeling in my bloodstream after eating something with wheat in it, but I always assumed that was the norm and didn't question it.  I'm not one to eat much wheat in the first place, though whenever I did, things never sat right in my stomach; however, I thought that was just how the cookie crumbled and how my stomach rumbled.

______But then on that fateful night two weeks ago, after devouring a marinara-drenched calzone alongside the woman who birthed me and the man who made that birth possible, things went rotten quick.  The next morning, it felt like my intensines were being stabbed by needles that expanded and contracted after poking me, and a murky, weak sensation dizzied my mind and body.

______This wasn't one of those food hangovers that we all get once in a while after stuffing ourselves silly like a Thanksgiving turkey.  This was AMURICA, LAND OF THE FR--wait no, I mean this was the unfortunate result of having a gluten intolerance.

______Not as cool. Or as free.



______Upon unearthing this tibdit of information, I've been able to purge gluten from my diet for two weeks, and my stomach hasn't hurt once!  I've had a lot more energy, too, and thankfully nothing has really changed with what I'm eating.  The only wheat I ever ate before was a slice of wholegrain toast in the morning with a hearty slathering of cashew butter on it, and that's been ever so easily swapped with a brown rice cake.

______That's not to say I'm thanking my gluten intolerance for not making me too much of a prisoner in its grasp, because I'll surely miss sinking my teeth into the occasional soft-crusted pizza or chewy chocolate chunk cookie.  But it is something I can endure, and definitely one of the least horrible things that could've been messed up with my insides.  I mean, the internet is totally teeming with gluten-free recipe blogs to fill any food gaps I'll be missing, right?

Sailing9Rose EarringsSailing11

______I sure hope so!  Things could have been much worse--I could have discovered that I was lactose intolerant, for goodness sake.  If I couldn't have the occasional scoop (or two, or five) of ice cream, I'd be desperately lost and miserable for all of eternity.  Stumbling on such a realization, I'd probably scramble to the nearest pit full of searing hot coals, vicious unicorns, and hungry cannibalistic Vikings, and dive right in, praying the pit's contents would shred me to pieces as quickly and painlessly as possible.

______Luscious dairy delights are one of those things I couldn't ever give up.  I love me some ice cream, I love me some yogurt, I love me some mold-ridden cheese, and I love me some goats.

______(The last one doesn't relate, really, but I just wanted to share my adoration of goats.)

______What's one food you could never give up? 


Top: Forever 21 (please excuse how obsessed with the back of it I am)
Skirt: Know Style
Oxford heels: Jeffrey Campbell
Socks: Target
Rose earrings: Charming Charlie


LyddieGal said...

You are just the cutest little sailor Ali!

I'm sorry to hear about your awful experience, but I'm glad your new diet is working out well and you are feeling much better.

I think I would be lost without my gluten. I'm an italian, I eat pasta like 8 days a week.

Chic on the Cheap

Frances said...

I love reading your post.
You are cracking me up dear.
You're such a funny writer--and a very talented one too!

Anyhow, I'm sorry about your latest discovery. I mean, I love pizza. They're food of the GODS(well, according to me I'm pretty sure you'll miss eating these babies. But look at the bright side; you survived that terrible experience! :)

P.S. In regards with your outfit, I'm totally crushing on it by the way. You look as cute as a button in it. :)

-xoxo, FRANCES

Lily said...

Hey, I don't blame you--fortnight is a pretty neat word (: Man, sorry to hear about that crazy experience. It's great that you're doing much better now! I could never give up dairy either. As much as I don't like the taste of plain milk, life would be rather rough without my daily greek yogurt and occasional cup of steaming hot chocolate.

You look absolutely stunning as well! That is seriously such a cool top and it goes perfectly with those chic oxfords. Hehe, can't blame you for liking the back of the top either! It's got ruch cool details. Beautiful nautical-inspired look!

Sammi said...

First of all... you are a girl after my own heart (obviously, but now even more so) for using "fortnight." You win all the things. Also, THIS BLOUSE?! It's from F21??!?! Gahhh! Gorgeous. Obsessed with this outfit. And you have such a pretty profile! So sorry to hear about the gluten intolerance. I love everything carb-y so this would probably be very difficult for me (though in reality, I think everyone is a little bit allergic to gluten, just like we are all a little bit lactose-intolerant). But I'd probably be better off cutting it out of my diet, for sure. I'm so glad you're feeling better!

xox Sammi

Aga Guerrero Olesinska said...

Love your shoes, look cool with this socks

Little-Hat said...

I agree that being lactose intolerant would be unbearable. Especially when you like in WI, like I do. ;)
I hope you have a better time with your new diet!!

And what a CUTE outfit!


Lauren said...

Ouch, that stinks!
I have three friends in college who are either gluten free or lactose intolerant, and one friend who is those things, is allergic to chocolate, and can't eat meat or soy. Double ouch. But after living with them for the greater part of the year, I've learned it's really not that bad. There's tons of supplements. You're in 'murica, where gluten free people thrive. ;)

Nicky mywishstyle said...

So special outfit! Hope youvare good now!

Katie Aman said...

Oh no! That stinks, but I'm glad you found out the issue so that it could be fixed-yay for feeling better! That is great news :) I love that you waited to weeks to say 'a fortnight' ...thaaaat's just about the best thing ever, haha! I agree I would HATE to be lactose intolerant! I could much easier give up carbs than ice cream. You and I should have an ice cream date someday :)
And, haha-goats! My sister has goats and they're having babies and they are just the cutest little things.
I adore your sailor top! My goodness how fun! And you KNOW Im all about those shoes. Yowza.

Katie Aman said...

I spelled "two" wrong. I couldn't let that go *shudder* grammer nazi*

Londyn said...

This look is so adorable!! Loving it so much and your accessories are always so much fun.

Care said...

Ah! Sounds difficult. Thankfully there is alot out there you still can eat (these days). Hope you get to feeling better!
The dress is darling. Love how its a mix of cute with pretty! Great combo:)

Ali of Dressing Ken said...

Ah what a cute little preppy look. Thanks for answering my question,been having weird issues. Not sure it is blogger or the template I purchased.

Ali of

Dressing Ken

Sam said...

Hi Ali, aw noo, so sorry to hear about this allergen. I had no idea that it could be developed so suddenly and not from childhood, especially after you've gotten used to eating certain gluten filled things. You're taking this news really well and positivity, which means half the battle is won already. I would really like to hear more about it, what you're allowed to have and what not. I don't think i could survive without carbs and pasta. Its my staple. But luckily for you, you can get gluten-free versions. Adore your nautical inspired outfit, you're so pretty in this sailor look. Love the earrings! I appreciate your kind words over at mine :)

Ivana Džidić said...

I love goats too and as long as you're sharing...

Recently I went with my husband to buy some goat cheese (and milk) from a nice women living near the city and there was this adorable baby goat...

he was so cute...and the funny thing is that he doesn't want to spend time with other goats, he just wants to play with people and run after cars...the second part is the problem obviously.

Somehow I got stuck with being his babysitter (ok, I might have volunteered) until the women comes back from the mountains with the goats. ( You see why it pays to drive to buy this cheese, right?)

So as long as I was there, baby goat's babysitter, I tried to make him more goaty...get him to run in the meadow, do some mischief, poke his (still not existent horns)because baby goats usually looove that! (you see I know something about this fascinating animal, once I wanted to write a paper on the goat in the novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" but since it was not the topic I only make a references to it...but the idea is still there...

...anyway, I tried to get this baby goat to behave a bit more like a goat but all attempts failed. In the end I had to carry him to his home over the road so the car wouldn't hit him...and I had hurt my arm...adorable as he may be he is probably almost half my weight by now...This baby goat behaves more like a puppy than a baby goat, I do wonder what will happen to him.

Well, this was a lengthy digression but what do you expect? It is not often one gets a chance to talk about goats...and also there is a connection between them and diary products (that I also happen to love).

I'm sorry to hear about that gluten thing but nowadays there is much (more) options and choices with food...and we can all find all sorts of things...

...for example there is one cook book in Croatian titled " Cakes without sugar, wheat and eggs"...Hm, for me basically cakes are sugar and eggs and sometimes wheat but you learn as long as you life.

and yes I almost forgot...
Lovely outfit and I do like how you wear socks all the time!

what else?

I always do like your writing but this time I had to also notice the rhyme...that was really cool...rumble, rumble...

Charmaine said...

I have been gluten intolerant for a year, and cannot express just how positive cutting out gluten has been for me. No more stomach aches or fatigue, feeling tired, and no more bloating like a blowfish for days on end.Also, I adore those Jeffrey Campbells - good choice.

Linda Becaca said...

You know, no one in my family is gluten intolerant, but my health nut dad has pushed gluten free on us for years now. We always have gluten free pancakes and cookies now. Aha, but hey, you're right. If you were lactose intolerant I'd totally understand wanting to self destruct. It'd be like your doctor storming in and sentencing you to a life of no more happiness 0_o
For me, it's a tie between ice cream and chocolate. Man, if I couldn't have either in my life I'd be a miserable skinny girl. Haha!
Oh right, so the outfit - YOU CUTE LIL SAILOR GIRRRRRL! Haha, I love this top and your socks are just a signature look for you. I need to try and find me some colorful ones so I can imitate you one day :)

Trendy Teal

itsmeladyg said...

So cute!!!


The Simply Kelly said...

sweet and lovely look....

Alexandra Zakharova said...

It's sounds aweful, I'm sorry you had such experience, though they say what doesn't kill us makes us stronger! Hopefully, it will be just a lesson for you and you will be more careful about that. Actually, I have never been thinking even about gluten, but since now I would be more careful too:) As for the outfit, I love that all your looks are neat and classy, this is how a true lady should look like!
Have a fabulous time!

Best wishes, Alexandra

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

You look ADORABLE in this sailor outfit. The red socks are the perfect pop of color.

I am so sorry to hear about your gluten problem. I would be sooooo frustrated, but I really admire how you have dealed with it. You remain so positive and happy, you are amazing!

Eda Guler said...

You look so pretty, the socks, the skirt, I love everything. :) And I have some friends with the gluten intolerance, good luck with that...

Jen Hsieh said...

Nooooo! I'm sorry to hear about discovering you're gluten intolerant, but I love that you're making the best of it. Who needs gluten anyway, amirite? And you're right, it's better than being lactose intolerant. Just thinking about it makes me sad. For me, the one food i can't give up is buffalo wings so no vegetarianism for me!

You look like a lovely sailor though and I'd be just as obsessed with the back of your shirt as you are. In fact, I'd probably fly over to you just to photograph it myself. <3

Anonymous said...

WOW! Amazing outfit.
I totally love this skirt :)

Ashley said...

YOU ARE ADORABLE! I did an internal shriek of joyfulness when I saw these pictures! 1. I am obsessed with nautical wear, and this is the epitome of fantastic nauticalness (yeah...I just made up that word). 2. This outfit reminds me of this dress I had when I was little that I still dream about to this day. It was the ultimate dress. My favorite piece of clothing of all time. I still get a little twinge of sadness knowing I don't have it anymore (not like I could fit into it anyways). You just showed me that recreating my past is possible (Sup J.Gatsby) with sweet sailor inspired goodness. Thank you, Ali for the glorious walk down memory lane!

I am so sorry about your gluten intolerance, but so happy you aren't having any more tummy troubles! There are so many gluten free options these days, people even make it a life choice! Growing up, I was the only one out of my siblings who didn't have any issues with food. Both of my sisters and my brother were allergic to milk, eggs, and peanuts. One of my sisters and my brother outgrew it, but my poor little sister Jaime is still allergic to milk products. When I say allergic, I mean like they get really super sick (throat closes up and break out in hives). However, sometimes dairy makes me have tummy troubles and I just pray I never become Lactose Intolerant. Eek!!! Saying goodbye to ice cream would be the worst!!

Sending lots and lots of gluten free wishes and hugs your way! Take care of your tummy, lady!!

xoxo Ashley

(PS sorry for the super rando comment...! Haha always right?!)

Shannon Broderick said...

love this outfit! and it sucks that you're gluten intolerant, but, like you said, you can still eat ice cream, and that's all that matters! xx

Little Blue Backpack 

ftashion said...

Hey glad to hear that you are feeling better now! That's one super cute sailor outfit. And those red earrings are just beautiful!

Fang Ting

sergio castaño peña said...

lovely and simply perfect, you know im always in love with your purposes!
finally i decided to comment you, hope youll follow me back <3

Oliva Ins said...

Very nice look :))) nautical is cool :)
Come and see me too when u free :))

Joyce said...

That top is the cutest! And so are the shoes :)

Aww man sorry to hear about what happened a fortnight (that really is a cool word!) ago. But i'm glad you won't have to go through it again. And me too, I would be really really sad if I can't eat ice cream ever again. I eat yogurt and ice cream almost everyday :P

Creative Fashion said...

Loving your outfit, it´s so cute and it suits you. Your vintage-inspired top reminds me of those tops I had in high school. The shoes are divine.

Sam said...

Hi Ali, thanks for your kind reply. Gosh, i don't know if I could give all that up, but I guess if your health depends on it, one would have to. I wish you everything of the best with, its good hear that there are some cheats and leeways. I hope that the allergy subsides somehow.Hope you have a positive and productive week ahead!

Katie Frank said...

I also have problems with health and I know how tiring and hard is this :( I'm so sorry such amazing girl must have such hard problems :( !
You look amazing and honestly I'm super jealous of every part of your outfit <3

mochaccinoland said...

cute sailor moon look! so sorry to hear that u have gluten intolerance. for me, it would be hell as i love noodles & pasta! i'm glad u could stay so positive.

i had a friend who was lactose-intolerance but she could eat ice-cream without any problem. we used to tease her about her extremely selective lactose-intolerance. lol.


Marlen said...

haha a whooole fortnight! like i told you before, my boyfriend thinks he's gluten intolerant and it's been haaard. especially during lunches- WHAT DOES ONE EAT? no sandwiches for that fella, and all the gluten free products are so stinkin expensive.

on top of that he's trying to be vegan so he basically just eats...grass, hahah. it's definitely not the worst thing that can happen to you though, and i'm glad you're not too worried about it! i hard wheat isn't supposed to be that good for you anyway.

one thing i cant give up is cheese. oh cheese. i'd put a ring on it if i could.

xo Marlen
Messages on a Napkin

Marlen said...

haha a whooole fortnight! like i told you before, my boyfriend thinks he's gluten intolerant and it's been haaard. especially during lunches- WHAT DOES ONE EAT? no sandwiches for that fella, and all the gluten free products are so stinkin expensive.

on top of that he's trying to be vegan so he basically just eats...grass, hahah. it's definitely not the worst thing that can happen to you though, and i'm glad you're not too worried about it! i hard wheat isn't supposed to be that good for you anyway.

one thing i cant give up is cheese. oh cheese. i'd put a ring on it if i could.

xo Marlen
Messages on a Napkin

andiee said...

I love the outfit a lot looks really chic on you and I have a ring that would totally match your earrings!

Alyssa Molin-Graves said...

Welp, I can definitely relate to this one! I have been gluten free since August of last year and I AM LOVING IT. It would be a long long story to tell how I came to that conclusion but long story short I feel so much better and am so much healthier. Even my blood pressure came down (and my doctors were like- you're 24 and healthy- we don't know why your blood pressure is creeping up)! Haha, we figured out that one! So I completely understand!!! haha. Once you get the hang of it, it really isn't all that hard. Going out to eat is the most difficult part, and now I can maneuver myself around that one pretty easily as well. The only thing is that I am also mostly dairy free as I only eat goat dairy (like occasional goat cheese), casein is very similar in property to gluten and the lactose can also be troublesome for some of us- luckily goat cheese has never given me issues and I've never drank milk anyway! But I love almond milk :D I would love to swap recipes with you sometime!!! Congrats on listening to your body and doing what is right for YOU. I have come to learn that doing what is right for your own body is the most important thing, and sometimes you have to be a sneaky little detective to find out what's best for it! <3

xo, Alyssa

ftashion said...

Love your sailor outfit from head to toe!!! One food I can't give up despite me wanting to go on diet is potato chips!


The Rag Trade said...

I've just stumbled upon your blog, you are too cute and funny! I love your style too, the colours of this outfit are perfect! I'm sorry to hear about this new-found intolerance; personally my life would be turned upside down if I couldn't eat dairy. Love your blog dear :)

Margaret Cruzemark said...

This is a very stylish look, it's just effortless, so beautiful!
Best Regards
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

Jessi said...

This is the perfect sailor outfit! So dang cute, as always :)
I'm glad you found out so you can stop feeling yucky after eating! That sucks. Sounds like you don't eat a whole lot of it anyway so that's good! I'd probably die. But I recently read another girl's story about going gluten free and a lot of the symptoms she had before sounded like me...I think I might need to try it lol

jess said...

Those shoes are too cute. I don't thin I could be gluten intolerant.

Imogen said...

I love this style of outfit. Everything is so gorgeous and well put together. I've actually been looking for the perfect sailor dress for as long as I can remember. Sorry to hear about your recent experience. Very pleased to hear that you are much better and it won't interfere with your life as much as many other things could have. I know someone in the same situation and seems to be relatively straightforward to get around. But I do love pizza so I can understand how one could definitely miss that!

Dolce Virginia said...

hola guapa tienes un blog precioso.llebas un look muy elegante y precioso me kedo por aqui mea gustado espero ati te guste el mio y nos segamos mutuamente besitos.

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

Eeeee. That top!!!! soooo cute on you.

And I'm sorry, but that sounds sucky :( I am a huge bread person. I shouldn't eat so much. I do. Teheh. But it's awesome you're pulling though. I'd stop eating it if I had to to feel better too though. But every now and then I bet it's worth it to have a bite (my dad has diabeters and it's diet controlled and sometimes he totally sneaks a brownie)

I'm having a divulge myself on your blog session here, by the by.

Ira Kharchenko said...

Great look! So fab:)

Lucie Srbová said...

You look fantastic! those shoes are super cool!!

Style Without Limits

Pins, Needles & Fashion said...

This look is adorable! I love how you styled it all. You look great.

Mary M. said...

I love this outfit and your style so much- you always pay attention to the details- like the burgundy socks youi paired perfectly with the Oxford shoes. The quality of the photos is esquisite, such a joy to visit your blog!

Have an amazing week,
Mary x

Sara said...

I adore that skirt, what an amazing shape. Also your hair looks lovely! Sorry to hear about that nasty experience but glad you are ok.

Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

Jamie Rose said...

Aw I'm so sorry to hear about your gluten intolerance. I would be so sad if I had that! It seems like a lot of people are discovering they don't feel that great after eating gluten-filled things. I would probably die if I was gluten intolerant because I'd never want to give up donuts. I love them so much!

Anyway, this top is so adorable on you! I have the same one but it hasn't made its way on the blog yet. That needs to be remedied asap. Your flippy skirt is adorable with it. Maybe I should wear my top with a skirt like yours!

raleve jesica said...

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Anonymous said...

So obsessed with your Jeffrey Campbell shoes- they are to die for! I'm sorry to hear about your gluten issues, but at least you caught it early enough and can take care of yourself now! I would say that I couldn't live without fresh fruits. Fruit salads are my first love!

Xo, Hannah