Monday, July 8, 2013

Twenty Years Young

Birthday Cake!

______On Saturday, I leveled up in the real world, turning the ripe and slightly moldy age of 20.  As I rose from my bed that morning, I was astonished to find I was donning a rad plaid business suit and tacky tie pattered with tiny hot dogs.

______And in that moment, I was suddenly hit with the realization that now I'm a real adult.  Not a fake one, but a real one who has to pretend she likes discussing the state of the economy and whether yellow curtains or burgundy ones would better accentuate the living room.  I nodded acceptance at this, glad that adult-me could at least wear something as special as a hot dog print tie, and brazenly kissed the rebellious teenage world goodbye.

Birthday Cake!2

______I was quick to begin the day by baking my cake.  I've had it planned out for a month: cookie cake infused with dark chocolate chips and frosted with wedding cake icing so sweet it makes you cringe.

______The cake's turnout pleased me greatly, mainly because a) it's gluten-free, and I just kind of used my feminine-borne baking senses to improvise with the ingredients, and it somehow ended up super delectable and chewy to the max, and b) it's super adorable, right? And geeky cubed with the twin triforces!  Decorating it was an adventure, and eating the icing that refused to stick to the cookie was an adventure, too.

______The clouds were grey bundles that poured soft rain on us all day, which I was perfectly content with.  It made for a slow-paced and savory day of shopping with the family.  My dearest dad bought me some matching aqua biking gear, like gloves and a shirt and shorts, and then we drove home to open presents, and I unwrapped a few more lovely things...


______...such as a 72 set of Copic markers: the highest quality markers on this here planet.  I'm more than ready to play with them this week!

Colorful Socks

______You know you're old as balls when your eyes light up over socks.  And yes, I did pose them on colorful sheets of paper.  It makes them look more dramatic.


______We also visited a ginormous second-hand book and music store and I picked up two books.  The one on the far left, however, was a surprise present from my momma: it's a collective encyclopedia of all of the Zelda game concepts for my guilty geek pleasure.

______Rain still pattering down around us in gentle rinse cycles, the family and I closed the day with cheese-laden Mexican food, nommy nommy cookie cake, and the watching of Django: Unchained.  I couldn't have asked for a better twentieth birthday, and overall, I would say my ultimate transition from flightless teenager into full-fledged non-teenager wasn't thaaat treacherous.


ChocolateFashionCoffee said...

Happy birthday dear! XOXO


LyddieGal said...

Happy Birthday Ali!!
Sounds like the second decade of your life is off to a grand start. Enjoy it, you will miss it when it's gone.

I have to say, It's tough being a full fledged adult, but here is the thing, it does not feel like it. I still feel very much un-adult even at the tender age of 27. Sure I pay bills and work and make sure my dog and plants don't die, but I can't say I feel like an adult.

sepatuholig-Grace Njio said...

Lovely cake... looks yummie! HAPPY BDAY!

Sammi said...

Sounds like a pretty wonderful birthday! :) That cookie cake sounds/looks delicious, and om nom nom to the Mexican food. I keep forgetting that you've only just turned 20; the way you express yourself is far beyond your years! And what is this about a tie with hot dogs on it?! Where are the pictures of this amazing item??

xox Sammi

Marlen said...

hahaha stop it, you are too amazing. i literally LOLed at you waking up with a plaid suit on with a dog-printed tie. and i'm 24 and i still can't talk diddly about the economy, haha. i'm still in denial that i'm 15 quite frankly.

also, i'm coming to adopt you. you made your own cake, you posed socks on colorful paper, and you asked for a zelda book. you are now my child.

xo Marlen
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Marlen said...

hahaha stop it, you are too amazing. i literally LOLed at you waking up with a plaid suit on with a dog-printed tie. and i'm 24 and i still can't talk diddly about the economy, haha. i'm still in denial that i'm 15 quite frankly.

also, i'm coming to adopt you. you made your own cake, you posed socks on colorful paper, and you asked for a zelda book. you are now my child.

xo Marlen
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Sam said...

Sorry I missed wishing you on your actual birthday... Happy Belated Birthday Ali!!! I hope you had a day that was in every way as special as you are. May you continue to unfold your magic on the world and I hope that you find your pot of gold at the end of that rainbow. Wishing you immense happiness, love and success. Welcome to the crazy world of adulthood, once you've made it through those swinging doors, the adventure just gets better. I now you will make the most of it :) Your cake looks awesome! Save me a slice ;)

Chelsea Elizabeth said...

I just turned 20 in may! We are getting so old ;)
And its both so scary and exciting to be a real adult! although i hope to never act like the kind of adult who takes their lives way too seriously.
It seems like you got some very lovely presents! Those socks are too fun.
And that cake! you are so talented

worryaboutitlater bianca said...

I'm already 26 but don't feel like I have to have "grown up conversations" if I don't want to - instead I love to wear crazy clothes like super mario leggins ;)
as some wise people always say: age is just a number haha

hope you had a lovely bday!!


Linda Becaca said...

Glad you transitioned so smoothly into adulthood Ali, it gives me hope ;)
Haha, oh man, reading about that cake...mmmm, I bet it was delicious! It certainly looks and sounds like it.
And it sounds like you got the perfect gifts! Haha, old as balls because you get excited about socks...I love you Ali xD
Happy belated birthday doll!!!!

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absolutely average said...

cake looks amazing.
happy birthday!

Lily said...

ALI!! The big 2-0! Congrats girl! The cookie cake looks so scrumptious and is decorated so well (; I wish I could have your improv baking skills haha--I am pretty darn terrible at cooking.

Those drawing markers look exquisite! I know how expensive art supplies can be sometime, so what a wonderful gift! I know you'll make good use of it with your lovely artwork (:

By the way, your comment really made me smile! I think you misread something though, because I did pass my driving test! No worries though, I put a lot of text out there sometimes haha. Thanks for your sweet words of encouragement! Keep taking the world by storm with your beautiful artwork, witty writing, and lovely outfits!

Boheme.Fille said...

Happy Birthday, beautiful gal!! :*

Your cake looks great, I bet it was yummy! Great presents too!

This year I'll be 30 (yuck!) and I'm still the craziest kid around. :))

Jen Hsieh said...

Happy Happy Happy Happy 20th Birthday! I'm horribly late so I added a few more Happy's - and hey, late birthday wishes are the best since they make your birthday last longer, am I right? It sounds like you had the perfect birthday though and I'm obsessed with your cake. I wish I was there so I could eat a slice and then sneak another slice when you aren't looking. Noms.

And hey, being an adult still doesn't mean having to pretend to discuss economics or curtains. Trust me. :)

I hope you're STILL celebrating days later and that your 20th year is pretty damn fantastic so far! <3

Ashley said...

YAY! So glad you had a spectacular birthday! Your lazy, relaxing day is definitely the way I would want to spend the day celebrating me:) That cake looks fantastic, especially the loads of frosting. Thats exactly how I like my cake....a little cake to go with my frosting:)
Happy birthday Miss Ali! Welcome to the adult world! You are making me feel like an old person now!

xo Ashley

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

HAPPY BIRThdAY. Your birthday probably IS TODAY?!?! AHAHL!?!?! Or was yesterday and you posted this today. But still. Yay birthday. You are adorable. I love your ketchup and mustard thing you have going on again. I love red and gold together.

Cookie cake?!?! MMMM. Gluten free?1?! Even better.

rice chex and corn chex are gluten free now! You can have chex mix.

Copic are your preferred markers? We always used the ad or prismacolor ones. I have a giant box of prismacolors from design school I haven't touched in ages and should find and break out.

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

PS I was commenting on the photos below because I'm tired as crap and can't tell the difference between posts anymore.

I've been an adult forever. funny enough. I bought my first house at 21. I'm an 'old soul' I've been told.

ftashion said...

You are so cute to bake your own cake! It looks really yummy! Hey and happy birthday babe! Enjoy your sweet 20 and the real adulthood. hahaha

Fang Ting

Kiiiim said...

Happy birthday! That cake looks amazzzinggggg! I have a total sweet tooth as well!


Keit said...

"You know you're old as balls when your eyes light up over socks" hahaha, yup, I like socks too :D

Happy Belated Birthday dear!
And man, you're not old, 20 is the golden age of opportunity and frivolous sex! Go for it :D

Sam said...

Thanks for your kind comment sweety, have an awesome day!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Aw, I'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday! Turning 20 must be an interesting transition, and it's so sweet that you spent it with your family! Those markers look amaaaazing and Django is always a win in my book. And I think it's wonderful that you made your own cake!

Xo, Hannah

Jenniya said...

Hey dear, thanks for commenitng on my blog. I am your new follower in GFC and Bloglovin. Hope you'll follow back. I'll wait for you in my blog. :)

XX, IamJenniya
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Alyssa Molin-Graves said...

Aw Happy Birthday Ali! That cake looks delicious! Congrats on successfully entering the world of gluten free :) It takes some getting used to- but once you get the hang of it, it really isn't all that hard. Happy 20th, (sometimes I actually forget that you are that young because you always sound so knowledgeable and wise!) and I am glad to hear that you enjoyed it so much, you deserve it! :)

xo, Alyssa

Inge Lakawa said...

happy birthday dear! :D

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Alexandra Zakharova said...

Happy birthday, miss Ali! Wish you all the best and I've got to say that being 20 years old you are still too young and have that possibility to do something crazy or childish:))
Nice presents and that cake looks really wonderful!
Have a great time!

Best wishes, Alexandra

Jamie Rose said...

Happy belated birthday! Hooray for being 20! But you don't have to be an adult quite yet haha. I still don't feel like an adult at all. I always tell my mom I'm an adult child. I might be 40 before I feel like I'm actually a full adult. But turning 20 sure was weird! My sister turns 20 next month and I'm pretty sure she's weirded out about it. I didn't realize you two were the same age!

But anyway, that cookie cake looks delicious and your presents are fantastic too!

Marlen said...

you need to post more so i can keep bombarding you with comments -__-

i'm here just to tell you i LOLed so hard at your adoption comment. WE'RE GONNA HAVE SO MUCH FUN TOGETHER!

xo Marlen
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mochaccinoland said...

happy belated birthday & welcome to adulthood!! your chocolate-cookie-cake sounds extremely yummy!! i definitely need to get some copic markers so i can start doodling again.


Annie said...

Happy birthday! That cake looks ahhhmazing :)

The Other Side of Gray

Elana said...

Happy, happy, happy birthday and welcome to adulthood! It sounds like you had a wonderful one! And I'm glad you and I are going through the whole "wait, I'm an adult now?" thing together basically haha. Also, your cake is perfect. And Django is the BEST.

Bhushavali N said...

Happy Birthday!!! :)
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Katie Aman said...

Awwww, sorry I'm late on this, but happy of happiest 20th birthdays to you my darling!! :D 20 does seem pretty old, but all of a sudden I'm 24 and now it seems super young to me! Sounds like such a fun day spent with your family. First of all, the cake is darling, why have I never thought of a cookie birthday cake before?! Genius! And so glad it turned out since I know being gluten free is fairly new to you, that can be such a challenge.
Um, I didn't know that there were fancy markers! That is so neato mosquito and I can only imagine the magnificent things you will draw with them (I did see your drawing on FB too, it was lovely!). And socks! In our family we've been getting those since we were wee tots, so it's expected ;) haha.
Also, Zelda. I need to hang out with you so that you can teach me all about Zelda and I can impress my husband-I hear such good things about it :)
ALSO: That dream sounds ca-razy! That's too weird because I always dream about tornadoes and in the dreams I'm terrified of them..I guess I had to dream-hop to defeat one of my fears-with YOU! Love it :D

Ramona said...

Happy Birthday Ali!
Sounds like you had a wonderful Birthday.

xoxo Ra

Lucie Srbová said...

Oh Ali, Happy Birthday to you dear!! Wish you all the best. Sounds like you had a great day celebrating it. :)

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Stephanie / Cocochic said...

Welcome to the big 2-0! That cake really looked amazing xx

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Anonymous said...

Congrats lady! Being 20 is definitely a big step, I felt just like that when I turned 20, but at 25 I look back and think well I wasn't that grown up after all. Enjoy it cause it just gets better and more and more fun!

Cee. ♥
Code Overdressed

Britney said...

I just turned 20 too! Its crazy right! I've been 20 for exactly one week and to be honest I don't feel much different.
My life is really splendid and I am so looking forward to what being an adult is and this year that is now really!
from Scout

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